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InstaOffice Unwind Sessions : Deep Bajaj, founder of Pee-Buddy talks about his idea

Women's Entrepreneurship Meetup | Unwind Session | InstaOffice

Audience: Did you involve women --- in designing? Because I----- but-----uncomfortable for me, because you know, unlike men’s, and I am----uncomfortable, so unlike men’s underwear which has a compartment where you take out the (cork) right, you don’t have to pull your underwear down. But, women’s underwear doesn’t have a zip or something. So you have to, it goes either up or down. There’s no other way that it can go, right. So for example, if I am wearing a dress right now, and I am not wearing pants, I still have to pull my dress up. So that means I am still ---, right. So, that problem. And again, it would be understandable if this is in a toilet which is dirty, so you don’t--- to have that privacy, but what about --- where you don’t have toilets? There, I see this is a problem because even then you need a private space----, and then you know, public----that’s another topic and -----about the technicalities. So if we don’t have a zipper, we have to put it down right. My second question is ----copyright this, this is like very easy to pirate.
Man: Yaa, so I’ll mention that----. Before the design we’re---for this. And as far as ------proposing ---honestly, but the entire----is sold. And a lot of our customers felt----that they have used it on the----my own set of friends and using-------and I am sure whatever you are saying is absolutely bang on there. I don’t have a solution for that right now. Food for thought maybe we can work on this.
Audience: your both hands are busy. I understand what you’re saying.
Man: Ya ya, you have to have some place, you know, which is------I have seen---
Audience: Also one more concern, this is coming from ---mention---right now a lot of time when you are first time using, you know a first time user, lot of people face problems using it. The --- gets stuck in the ---, or you are not able to fit it properly, so I think there would be a similar, there might be a single problem where you don’t know how to position it and you could end up----pants.
Man: yes, so that’s what I am saying that there----. And there is a lot of user friendly ----------------------------------------it’s just psychological because you have never done it but if you look at it, all you have to do is, spread your legs, place it and you pee through. Just----for the 1st time. Which, by the way ---anything that you’re doing for the first time, anything. So, I didn’t start this with any end (goal post) in my mind. I saw a problem, I saw a solution and I just placed them here. That’s what I do. Is this the best shape, is this the best product, is this the best----?? Come join us, help us in making----more friendly. But we are just trying to -----the solution as closer to----as possible.
Audience 2: are you----------??
Man: yes, -----80% of our products are ----.
Audience 2: ----is here?
Man: Ya, ya, -----is here, --manufactured here,--- India’s first herbal period pain relief (patch) which will absorb all the period ---------that we have. So, that is the next that we (launch). So -----whatever the consignment, except for -----------, which I did not take a chance with, that is being imported from --------------.
Audience 3: I get to know from this---called Goonj, that they are also working on women’s sanitary napkins, so---80% of the ----access to-----because they can’t afford it. So they don’t have access to-----. In terms of affordability, do you have any plan that------of course this product--- do not go to masses----but do you have any plan that ---?
Man: so obviously we are not yet a rural-ready product. There-----------Let me just fix the urban lot first. Then go to the rural and somebody come along-----------. We are--------the foundation, we-------dispensaries in rural India. I think there are-----on dispensaries. So------arthritis or pregnancy mein aayengekam se kam unko de denge, we don’t want to make – lifestyle product. So for them we are working, we are bringing out plastic shades of -----, which will become re-usable way. So the idea would be that if you have any chronic case, then you don’t have to buy it every time. How cost effective it will be, right now I am ---. So that’s the only thing that we are working towards, as of today.
Audience 4: What’s the MRP right now?
Man: For, a pack of --------. Do you have? Any other questions? Anyone else? So I have 2 requests. First of all, a huge round of applause for Insta Office guys for this. Thank you for having us over. And second is, you know, I’ve ----always promised but don’t deliver on this. Please, like us on Facebook. Spread the word. That’s the only thing that I request of you guys. You never know who in your group would ----,ya. Thank you.
Anchor: Guys now we have 2 options. If you guys are tired, we can go for a small break. We have some --. Or we can go ahead with another presentation. So what do you guys want?
Audience: take a vote>
Anchor: So okay, who all want to go for a break, please raise your hand. ------Great, go ahead.
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