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InstaOffice referral program

A good community is a well-sought pre-requisite in a coworking space for all great businesses. We are very glad to provide you with a way to contribute towards expanding this community, and get multiple rewards and discounts in the process! Our Referral Campaign lets you refer your network and earn 7% of the monthly revenue of your referred member.

For example, if the total monthly revenue we have generated through your referral is ₹30,000, then you would be able to redeem ₹2,100 with us in the form of a discount on your next invoice, meeting room credits, extension, or expansion equivalent to your credit amount, at any InstaOffice center.

You may also pass on details like name, contact number and number of seats required to your Community Manager and they would be happy to walk you further through the process.
How it works
  1. The InstaOffice Community Referral Scheme is valid exclusively for all InstaOffice community members up to 30th June 2018
  2. A reward shall be awarded @ 7% of the monthly charge as per the monthly service agreement. For example, if you refer a client who has an invoice of ₹30,000 per month, your monthly reward shall be ₹2,100 per month. If your credit remains unused, after 6 months you shall have an accumulated credit of ₹12,600.
  3. You can redeem your reward in the form of inventory credit, which can be used -
    1. To avail Meeting Room hours.
    2. For extension of your tenure with us.
    3. To bring in more employee(s) for the duration that can be covered for with the credit.
    4. To avail discount on next month’s invoice.
  4. There is no restriction on the number of clients you can refer. You will earn a reward for every referral given by you, that gets converted.
  5. The client you refer must be a new client to InstaOffice, i.e. it must be his/her first engagement with InstaOffice. If the referred client has engaged with InstaOffice in the past, you shall not be eligible to avail the referral benefits.
  6. If a same referral is submitted to us by multiple members, the first member shall be eligible to avail the reward. For example, if X refers Y on 8th March and Z refers Y on 9th March, then X shall be eligible to avail the referral award.
  7. You will be able to redeem the credit only when InstaOffice receives a monthly service agreement fee from the referred client.
  8. The referral award can be redeemed for a period of 6 months from the date of inception of the service agreement of the referred client with InstaOffice.
  9. InstaOffice Management reserves the right to withdraw or modify the InstaOffice Community Referral Scheme at its discretion. However, existing referral rewards are eligible for redemption.
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