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InstaOffice Newsletter - April

We decided that it’s high time that InstaOffice has a newsletter. And BHAM - It was as simple as that. It’s been quite a year for us (We might be blowing our trumpet here, bear with us) - we have expanded from a single business centre in Gurgaon to 8 business centres in Delhi/NCR. Moreover, we packed our bags and moved to Bengaluru too. If you are in Bengaluru, check out both our spaces in Indiranagar

Our valentines' day was spent with these amazing startup founder couples

Who said Valentines Day need to be all mushy and lovey dovey?
InstaOffice decided to keep it real by hosting an event that gives people real #CoupleGoals.
The characters of this real life stories include Rahul - Pallavi and Vinayak - Archana. From insightful discussions on work life balance, to grilling Q&A, the evening had it all!

We have got some amazing benefits for you 

Cleartax : Ushering in an era of hassle-free tax filing for youngsters! Cleartax will provide 10% off to all InstaOffice members.
InnerChef : InnerChef Offers 15% off only for InstaOffice members.
Get in touch with your Community Manager to know more!


Union budget is one of the biggest events in the financial calendar of the country and this year’s financial budget saw some great promises made for empowering the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the start-up businesses. If you have been wondering how the budget will affect you or your startup. Fret not, here the key highlights :

Wll budget affect my startup?

India has not been able to quit talking about Snapdeal’s change of structure, the layoffs’s and what not. This opinionated article quite opens your mind towards Indian e commerce websites and why there needs to be a restructure for India’s e commerce, if the eco system has to survive.

Ecommerce restructure

We cant stop talking about technology in this issue of our newletter.If it isnt enough that Big Basket and Grofers and other grocery startups will be facing an intense competition from Amazon, Zomato has come into play with an even better proposition of cloud kitchens : 

Show me kitchens in the cloud

Evolution is the most intelligent designer - or is it? Tapping into untapped commercial markets, robots have already been designed to make the human life easy. We would all love a general purpose robot to help us with house hold chores. Read more about them and how they are the next big thing here:

It's Matrix Again

We have been reading Man Vs Machine trending from last month. Will machines replace our jobs? Machines will replace all human jobs related to transportation and manufacturing in the next couple of years. AI might be the earth shattering doom of the middle class


For the child in you. What can be better than Calvin and Hobbes, on a bad day? Nothing right? Wait-For-It! Look at these ones with Calvin and Hobbes with star wars!!


We would love to hear back from you at marketing@instaoffice.in. Till then, Happy Officing!

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