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Members Speak - Rajni Ranjan from Kraftbuy

Rajni Ranjan from Kraftbuy explains as to why he chose InstaOffice over traditional business centre for his meeting needs

We require conference room for meetings, for teneoglobal or even for Kraftbuy. We do need places because we need to have some meeting with the fund raiser for fund raising or the bankers so we can’t......you know the places where we work we cannot have those meetings. We need professional environment. Okay so InstaOffice...You know...I have been using world renowned services centres like Regus in the past but frankly speaking they are not meant for start-ups, they are meant for the already established ones the cost is very high, you know, and they have their own paraphernalia. InstaOffice I found that they are more flexible...and...you know the sales people they are more approachable kind of thing..yes more approachable...frank..very..you know helping. I needed a space and very quickly I got it. A very quick service. So there are more I would say QSR, Quick Service Restaurant.

Interviewer: Also you can book meeting on the flight, through the open applicational website, pay and book

So that’s what that’s the reason. So I..I came in yesterday.....,

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