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Member Speak: Amazon India talks about their recruiting experience

The world's largest online retailer Amazon India reviews InstaOffice!

Hi, my name is Abhay Kapoor. I am leading HR for the north India operations. We have been using Insta Office for the last couple of months, basically for our recruitment drives. We have been quite happy with this place in terms of facilities, close proximity to the city, within the city of Gurgaon, and we are able to drive our recruitment process, facilitate interviewers and candidates in a friendly environment. So we would like to continue using this facility. Thanks.

Interviewer: What’s the most comfortable thing that you find in over here? Or you know comparatively, what are the benefits that you look or find over here?

AK: We feel that it’s a value for money. And very friendly staff working here. It facilitates interviewers and candidates in a much better way.

Hi, I am Kamran working as HR VP with Amazon. So, I found this place more of, the ambience is really good out here. The candidates which come in, it’s more about as Amazon.in we want our candidates to have good experience. So this particular place, we have ample space to get them seated irrespective of the number of candidates that come in. Moreover the staff who are here, they are very cooperative, they are very helpful, and yes they are accessible every time we have any issues. The advantages for this particular site would be its location, its accessible to everyone, easily a person can navigate to this particular place.

Hi, I am Subresh and I am part of recruitment team- Amazon. So, about this place what I like most is the connectivity from the airport or any other location. The connectivity is really good and infrastructure, when compared to other locations, the infrastructure over here is pretty good and we would like to conduct our recruitment drives in future in the same place. Also the staff over here is very friendly, helpful and the candidates who we invite, they will have a very good experience. Out of that I will say that in future also, we would be looking forward to conduct the drives over here.

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