Turn your vacant space into revenue
it should delight.
it should have space to breathe
it should bleed colors

design at InstaOffice

Extravagant but not wasteful - We go an extra mile to assist our guests, but we are efficient. We don’t have props and elements that don’t serve some purpose
Fun but not silly – if we make a joke, we make a wisecrack and we never use memes
Confident but not cocky – We never bungle up our grammar, but we use simple words and language
Smart but not stodgy – We are not boring, but have taste and class. And our taste is contemporary
Informal but not sloppy – We build a relationship of trust and respect, but never shy away from sharing a laugh
Helpful but not overbearing – We are never standing over your shoulders, but if you need us, we are never far
Expert but not bossy – We use a lot of math and research, and help our users ask the right questions
Weird but not inappropriate – We may be perceived as stuck up, but we value grace and charm
blue grey

geometric & emotional

the square represents a space. Can be a room, a table, a cabin etc.
the curve represents the happy feeling one gets working in the space.
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imagery invokes feelings.
We use images which are warm - clicked in day light or are outdoor. Should have dominant colors, preferrably orange, purple and blues.
Photos clicked indoors in cold white light or black and white images or landscape images are generally a NO.
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We know that deciding down on your office space is a difficult decision. At InstaOffice we truly believe that an office is much more than a desk. Hence, we would want you to spend a day at our space to experience it. We are sure you would have a happy day :)