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Good Earth City Centre, Sector 50

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311-312, 3rd Floor, Good Earth City Centre, Sector-50, Gurgaon
About the space
When it comes to looking for the happiest and most productive office space in Gurgaon, it should come as no surprise that you would someday find one at Good Earth City Centre. On the third floor, the business centre has been laid out in a way to make you your productive best - from huge windows and a beautiful interior to hi-speed internet, freshly brewed coffee and top-of-the-class support services.

No matter who you are - from a fitness freak to a foodie to a creative freelancer, with a place as lively as Good Earth City Centre, you would fit right in, amidst places like Crossfiit gym, Chaayos, Beer Cafe, New York Slice and Oh My Game. With everything in one place, the best of things are just a stone’s throw away if you’re at Good Earth City Centre.

Accessibility guarantees easy commute, with the centre right on Vikas Marg , just 5.6 kms away from the metro station. Move your company to InstaOffice, GECC to ditch boring work days forever.
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Eating & Hangouts
With eating and hangout places like Chaayos, New York Slice, Cafe Tangerine and Salt, Nizam’s and Speedy Chow amongst so many others, there is always something new to explore every time. You might even find hidden treasures like Calorie Kitchen, which is located in Bomiso gym on the second floor, and would eventually become your go-to destination everytime you’re craving a snack if you happen to be a health freak!
The place is located just a stone’s throw away from Nirvana Country, and being a 24X7 facility with all-day footfall, it’s well-guarded at all times.
Driving to the place
Take the exit 10 from NH-8 and drive down straight crossing Medanta on your right. Take right onto Vikas Marg and Good Earth City centre would be on your left in around 850m.
Taking the Metro
Get down at Huda City Centre (Yellow Line) and take an auto/cab. Good Earth City Centre is 5.6 km from the metro station.
Much more than a desk
Frequently Asked Questions
What is InstaOffice?
InstaOffice brings you a range of solutions that can meet a diverse range of needs, including privacy, hierarchy, networking, etc. We leverage economies of scale to make our solutions affordable for all kinds of businesses. You can choose the configuration you like, depending on the specific needs of your business. Because of our ability to adapt to different sets of needs, we are not an interim solution provider. We offer a long-term economically viable solution for all your office space requirements.
For most entrepreneurs and small businesses, business centres tend to be too expensive, while co-working spaces do not offer the right degree of privacy for a growing or established business.
We also know that our customers don’t want to be held back by poor quality services. This is why, for a single, all-inclusive price, all our customers get access to standardized, high quality services across the board.
If I choose to work from a business centre or a co-working space, what services are included in the price?
We charge an all-inclusive price—this means that each of our customers gets access to all the services required for them to have a productive day at work. These include:
  • Access to a professional workspace
  • High speed internet
  • Administrative and IT support
  • Utilities like electricity, water and maintenance
  • Security and housekeeping services
  • Access to other amenities like pantry, reception area, lounge, etc
  • Beverages like tea, coffee, etc

Any special requirements you may have besides these can be covered by our additional services (available on a pay-as-you-go basis) that include meeting room usage, videoconferencing facilities, runner support, telephone services, etc.
What documentation do I need?
For individuals, we require a photo ID and address proof for all users. For companies, we additionally need a copy of their PAN card as well as a copy of the Memorandum of Association (MoA).
What is a business centre ?
A business centre is a professionally managed commercial facility that offers end-to-end business infrastructure and services for short and medium term periods.
How is a business centre different from a conventional office?
Unlike conventional leasing offices, a business centre does not have long lock-in periods and large security deposits. You can simply book a business centre according to your requirements.
Is it true that business centres are very expensive?
This is a common assumption. However, in reality, since all the resources in a business centre are shared, customers are able to utilize premium facilities at a lower cost than in a traditional office.
What services are available in a business centre?
Business centres offer end-to-end professional services to all types of organizations. Apart from refined furnishings and best-in-class IT infrastructure, such as high speed leased lines, internet backups, data security, VPN, firewalls, etc, our business centres also include business concierge services and administrative support.
How is the billing done in a business centre?
Billing in a business centre is done simply on a pay-for-what-you-use basis. Tell us about any specific requirements you may have, such as location, office size, layout, number of workstations, administration and support facilities, etc, and we'll send you the best quote to use our services. There are no hidden costs.
Is it safe to work in a business centre?
Yes. All our private offices are lockable. Every guest has access to personal lockable storage. Also, the whole office is under 24/7 surveillance. Even outside of business hours, there is always a security guard present.
What kinds of users generally opt to work in a business centre?
A business centre caters to a wide spectrum of businesses and organizations, from MNCs to SMEs to governmental organizations or startups. While startups and freelancers benefit from the flexible and cost-effective solution that a serviced office provides, larger firms are able to rapidly achieve a highly professional solution to their business needs.
What is the minimum and maximum period for which I can use a business centre?
Some of our guests have signed up for several years, while others use our offices for a few days every month. You can sign up to use our business centres for any period of time ranging between a few hours to multiple years.
What is the minimum and maximum size of an office in a business centre?
Our private offices can seat between 2-40 people. Our configurations can be changed to accommodate even larger teams.
What if I hire more people?
We understand the changing dynamics of businesses, and so our co-working solutions are fully scalable. At any point, should you choose to scale your workforce up or down, just let us know. We would be glad to provide an appropriate solution for your needs.
How far is the place from the metro station?
InstaOffice Business Centre is merely 5.5km (15 mins) away from the nearest metro station, i.e. Huda Metro Station.
Which is the nearest hospital?
There are multiple hospitals like Artemis, Medanta and Fortis around Good Earth CIty Centre, the nearest one being Artemis, just 10 minutes away.
Which are the best eateries for a budget meal?
While you would never face hassles if you order online, you could always go downstairs for a Sub or a cup of tea from Chaayos! The building also has Dominos - you could get yourself a fulfilling pizza under INR 100!
Which is a nice hotel in the vicinity?
Good Earth City Centre itself houses Hotel Formule 1. Other accommodation options include Hilton Garden Inn, Oyo Homes and Fortune Select Excalibur.
Which is a nice place for team dinner?
Good Earth City Centre, being a mall, itself houses multiple eat out places where you can take your team out to dinner - for example Yo China, Chaayos, Subway, Domino's, Nukkadwala, The Calorie Kitchen New York Slice and InstaPizza. Baani Square, Ninex Mart and Omaxe City Centre are also just 10 minutes away.
What is a nice place for team outing?
Good Earth City Centre itself has Oh My Game, where you can take the team out for laser tag. If you’re looking to do other things like watching a movie or taking your team out to ice skating, you could take them out to Ambience Mall, Omaxe CIty Centre, or Raheja Mall
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