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InstaOffice partnerships with Brokers
InstaOffice Brokers

Give your clients a happy space

Higher returns on your referrals
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Hassle free agreements and onboarding of clients
Manage your billing, details and referrals through broker dashboard
Conversion time of less than 2 weeks on your referrals
Compensation Structure
You grow as we grow

If your cumulative revenue is greater than 20L in a year than applicable slab would be revised to 12.5% from 10% on the entire amount

If your cumulative revenue is greater than 40L in a year than applicable slab would be revised to 15% on the entire amount

Earn on renewals and expansions

If you client renews their contract, you get standard commission on the renewals. Additionally you also earn on standard commission on the expansions your client makes

How it works
Frequently asked questions
Will you contact my client without my knowledge?
WeWork will never reach out to your client without your knowledge or consent.
What information do I need to provide to submit an introduction?
In order to submit an introduction we need your client's full name, email address, and phone number. Additional information (e.g. company name, number of desks, city of interest, etc.) will help us speed up the process.
Is there a limit to how many clients I can introduce?
No. The more clients you introduce, the more you can earn!
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Free day pass offer InstaOffice
Try our space for free
We know that deciding down on your office space is a difficult decision. At InstaOffice we truly believe that an office is much more than a desk. Hence, we would want you to spend a day at our space to experience it. We are sure you would have a happy day :)