Unwind Session – Women Entrepreneurs

InstaOffice’s third Unwind Session at our coworking facility in Gurgaon sector-32 was an even bigger hit than the previous two. This session was focused on Women Entrepreneurs, and featured many high-achieving women in the list of speakers, each with their own set of experiences and learning to share. The audience got a lot to mull over while interacting with each speaker in turn. The session also coincided with the launch of InstaOffice’s newest property—a lovely, beautifully lit space in Sector 32, Gurgaon.

Let’s take a look at what happened at the session.

The Speakers

Jyoti Gulati from MumsAtWork speaking at InstaOffice Unwind Session in Sector-32 Coworking space

Jyoti Gulati – Founder, Mums at Work

Jyoti is a leadership and business coach, who also runs accelerated growth and magical outcomes programmes for high achievers, and is also behind Mums at Work. At Unwind Session #3, she talked about how the concepts of happiness and business profitability are closely linked to each other. She also discussed a study where two groups were given math problems to solve, with one group containing people with a relaxed state of mind, and another with people who were either anxious or had something on their minds. The conclusion—a relaxed, happy state of mind leads to better results. The takeaway here was that like any other muscle, the brain could also be trained to be more peaceful and happy.

Gauri Angrish – Founder, Coral CareBook

Gauri Angrish is the founder of Coral CareBook, a startup that helps people adhere to medication schedules. She described the series of iterations that took place while designing their product that helps people stick to prescribed schedules for ingesting medication. She talked about the BAH model that takes customer feedback heavily into account during the product design process.


Prerna Mukharya from Outline India speaking at InstaOffice Unwind Sessions at sector-32 Coworking Space

Prerna Mukharya – Founder, Outline India

Prerna runs Outline India, an organisation that aims to provide primary data sources for research and policy assistance. She talked about how most datasets focus on the urban population, and how Outline works on bringing rural datapoint into online discourses. She also shared anecdotes about her field trips in rural areas. She also talked about her experience with the idea of entrepreneurship, and how it also involves tons of hard work at every stage.

Surabhi Verma from Sparsh - centre for children with dyslexia and autism speaking at InstaOffice Unwind Sessions at sector-32 Coworking Space

Surabhi Verma – Director, Sparsh For Children

Surabhi Verma runs Sparsh For Children, an NGO dedicated to working with children with special needs. She spoke about things have changed in the 13 years of Sparsh’s existence – back then, there was very little awareness about autism in general, and a lack of institutional infrastructure for children with special needs. Also, NGOs back then were working in silos, with virtually no coordination between them. This led to a discussion on how Sparsh functions, and the kind of occupational and psychological therapy it provides. She also mentioned some success stories – how one of Sparsh’s students was accepted into IHM Pusa, and how another has been accepted by Ritz-Carlton as a management trainee.

Neha Sharma speaking at InstaOffice Unwind Session #3 - Sector-32, Gurgaon Coworking space

Neha Sharma – COO, Indus Insights

Neha is the COO at Indus Insights, a management consulting firm. Her thoughtful talk on gender stereotypes made the audience think about skewed gender ratios, the glass ceilings that women are still struggling to break, and being a role model for future generations. She stressed that a supportive ecosystem is important to be able to maintain a good work-life balance, and that women should not shy away from taking help whenever it is needed, and should be at peace with their decisions.

Archana Khosla – Founder, Vertices Partners

Next, Archana Khosla, Founder at Vertices Partners, spoke about fund raising. Archana specialises in corporate commercial and private equity, and has mentored and advised several start-ups.

AtulyaKala speaking at InstaOffice Unwind Session at their coworking space in sector-32, Gurgaon

Aanchal Bansal – Atulyakala

Next, Aanchal Bansal came forward to talk about her journey in Atulyakala, an organisation that empowers deaf artists. Aanchal told the audience about the love and passion that makes her persevere. Atulyakala also had goodie bags for our speakers, and provided the wall art that adorns our spaces.


DSC_0067 (1)


Sairee Chahal- Founder, Sheroes, and Pragya Upadhyay – Co-Founder, VanityCube.in

Winding down the session, Sairee Chahal of Sheroes and Pragya Upadhyay of VanityCube took the stage together to answer questions from the audience about their startups. While Pragya explained why and how she decided to start her company, Sairee said that it was the fear of a corporate job that made her launch Sheroes! She also shared her thoughts on scaling a startup, and how easy it was for Sheroes to get funding as it was run sustainably for a long time.


Anuradha Agarwal, Founder, MultiBhashi

Finally, Anuradha Agarwal took the stage to introduce her startup, Multibhashi. Multibhashi is an English learning app that is in its early stages and will be launched in the next two months. We look forward to the launch!


And if you enjoyed the previous Unwind sessions, we’re sure that you will love the next one.

Unwind Sessions #4 – Pitch Roast

Do you think your idea is good enough to make it? Come to Unwind Session #4 and find out. At this session, we will invite participants to pitch their ideas, while the panel will roast the ideas and put up all their strongest objections against them.

See you at the next Unwind Session!

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