InstaOffice Unwind Sessions – With Tpot Cafe

It would have been a regular, dull Friday afternoon, and here at InstaOffice we never have a dull moment! We know how hard you work and how difficult it can be to catch even a small break sometimes, so we decided to host a tea session to unwind and luckily the weather was also on our side.

Our friends from Tpot Cafe made us have their signature kulhad chai, masala black teas, sandwiches, nachos and the oh so amazing cupcakes.
Thoughtful conversation happen when people from different backgrounds and experiences discuss about the common problems they face within their teams. From finding the right communication platform to the issue of finding the right tech people; these issues are faced in more or less every team and each experiments with their own solutions.
We feel that collaboration amongst startups could lead to a community where everyone can learn from each others learnings. The essence lies in keeping these discussion focussed over the exact issue and keeping them short (as we are all usually short on time). Here with these unwind sessions at InstaOffice, we are trying to build a platform to enable this community.
You will see more interesting conversations from us in the future, and we hope to see you at our next unwind session on 24th of June.
Special thanks to TPOT Cafe, Talvinder Singh – Product Head – OYO rooms and Vartika Bansal – Experience at OYO rooms, Rahul Dalia – Founder LofferZ – Gurgaon, Vivek Subramanian- Founder ExamVictor, Jayati Agarwal – PR professional.

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