What to Look for Before You Take The Jump – Coworking Secrets

The whole idea of coworking space is to bring together the creative people together and let various innovative ideas collide. But choosing the space where you can work while sharing it with multiple people, from diverse backgrounds with varying careers? Yes, it can seem a little dicey sometimes. From my experience of answering numerous client queries regarding the space, which will eventually result in their choice of workspace, let me give an insight into what people actually look for while searching for a coworking space.
  • Community and culture
Culture fit, could be an extremely over used terminology, but trust me it is important. It is important to find a space with a culture that you jive with and with a community of people who inspire you . Co Creating and Co working are beautiful concepts that can only occur if you gel well within the community. Co-working is not just a space to sit and work in, its a community of good people who do great work. The ability to share, lean on, review, learn from each other, grow and be part of an impactful community that enables growth is what it’s all about.
  • An inviting space
Never judge a book by its cover? Nope. That’s a little cliche now. A beautiful space with green plants, and motivational quotes can set as the perfect canvas for your work. It is extremely important that the look and feel of the space echoes with you. More than ambience, the functionality should also be important. A co-working space should be designed with the worker firmly in mind: you’ll never have to fight over a plug socket, there is a water cooler, standing desks, magazines dotted around for inspiration, a kitchenette, comfy couches, cornered off nooks for privacy and some soft background music specifically chosen to help you zone in so you can crack on with your work.
  • Location
Heading out to your favourite pub in the evening? This coworking space InstaOffice, is right by Toit. Bad day at work? Toit. Promotion? Toit. Team Dinner? You get the grill. Working in the heart of the city, in this case Indiranagar has its own perks.You will want a space that is convenient, safe, easy to find and close to home to avoid long commutes and traffic.
  • Amenities
It’s all about providing what you need to get through a day at the office. Co-working spaces should definitely provide wifi, meeting space and lounge areas. A great co-working space all the amenities at their best for your team to work efficiently without any hassles. Events with industry experts and mentors are cherry on top.
Once you have nailed the above details, after thorough research, you should probably be working from the office of your dreams!

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