We Have an Author Amongst Us!

“A day comes when the story inside you wants to breathe on its own, that’s when you start writing!”

InstaOffice has no dearth of creative minds at its co-working spaces. Entrepreneurs, web developers, investment advisors, wedding planners, recruitment specialists, real estate consultants – you name it, and we have it. InstaOffice is happy to announce that one of its members, Shobhika Puri, has recently published a book.

Shobhika’s book is titled, “My Papa’s Untimely Death.” It is about her journey after her father’s death. It is a memoir and a self-help book that aims to help one deal with the loss of a loved one. It also aims to help one deal with others who may be going through such a trauma. Shobhika says, “I would recommend the book to all daughters and sons across the world who love their parents.”

Writing a book is a journey of its own kind, incapable of being described in words. Talking about her experience of publishing she says, “I always thought writing a book would be the most difficult part. However, getting the book published was equally tough, if not tougher. I looked into every detail myself right from the cover to editing and even the paper quality to make sure it came out well.”

Shobhika adds, “This book is very special for me. Not only is this my first book, but also about a person and an experience that is very close to my heart. Hope people read it and find it worth their time.”

Recently, Times Now covered Shobhika’s book as a Times Now Exclusive. So proud to see our members progress! After all, their success is our success too!

InstaOffice wishes Shobhika good luck for her book! We would look forward to many more books from her.

Do grab a copy and experience her emotional journey. The book is available online at Amazon India, Flipkart, ShopClues, and Amazon Kindle. Shobhika Puri is an author, writer, instructional designer, editor, and an educator. You can find out more about her at www.shobhika.com.

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