Does your startup need a co working space?

These why 5 questions will help you decide if your startup needs an office or not:
1.What kind of impression do you need to make on your clients?
If your client base mostly consist of conservative business owners, then yes, an office space is essential. But if your client base is mostly consisting of younger digital nomads who are well aware of the norm of work from home, then it’s alright.
2.How big is your team?
A small team does not necessarily need a cabin or entire office for itself. That’s where coworking comes into play. A coworking space or an open workstation would be perfect for any team size, but for a team that’s extremely small and work from different locations, it’s a dream come true.On the other hand, if if your team size is huge,then a cabin or a closed office space or even bay areas in coworking would be a smart decision.
3.How much team interaction is necessary for your success?
This may be subjective question, based on the kind of business you’re into, but be foresighted enough to think about the evolution of your products and services and where you want to take them. Is it brainstorming that will lead to more ideas? Or will it be individual researches?
4.How much money do you have in hand?
Yes, we know money can be a huge problem during the initial days of your startup. Having your own office space can be exhilarating , but can you really afford it? This is where you can check about day passes, or weekly passes, or even weekend offers! It might be wise to try a cheaper option first.
5.What do you want?
This is, THE question of utmost importance. After going through the cons and pros of the situation, think deeper. What would you prefer? Do you see yourself networking, ideating and co creating in an office, or would you be happier if you are working from home? Trust your instincts and your judgement.
Hopefully, by the time you answer these questions, you would have the answer.

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