Co working culture in India – Ever Changing?

The office space culture in India has drastically changed over time with due to the western typology that was introduced into the country in the 1990s. The evolution has been driven primarily by business and real estate shifts. The growing realization that a maturing and global Indian workforce needs a workplace that speaks for it’s ethos and morals has lead to the offices of today being more casual and flexible. The humble office culture and design has evolved hugely over the past few decades. Along with the modern office design, the culture has greatly shifted to a casual and friendly work environment. Google, Apple, Adobe, Facebook are some of the most exemplary examples to suit this claim across the world.
The office space culture in the country today is adopting new and adventures ways of working like co-working or working in shared spaces and virtual offices. Co-working culture made it’s way in India and changed the way we look at offices now. Co-working spaces are more cool and fun and do not restrict the employees within the four walls of the office. Unlike traditional office culture, shared spaces allow you to network with like minded people working with you. 
Co-working space is a new trend going viral. It is basically a Shared Office facility opted by smart professionals, freelancers and startups where they work in collaboration or independently. It is a cost effective method where one can get a good working place without digging a hole in the pocket. It nurtures a vibrant and creative office ambiance that not only helps in productivity but also leads to a satisfied and content staff. 
A happy, collaborative community that thrives in a coworking space is a testimony of the work culture that exists there. While you would always be able to find that perfect focus zone, at coworking you would always find yourself around like-minded people doing what you love. It’s the perfect place to connect, create and collaborate.
One such space is InstaOffice India’s fastest growing network of serviced office spaces for teams of any size and any duration with happiness as our motto. We are not only a community of over 500 members ranging from early startups to mobile professional and large mature corporations but a happy family with 11 existing centers in key locations of Delhi-NCR and Bangalore with many more coming up. 
You could be a startup/freelancer or a large corporation like Yahoo or Amazon no matter how many seats you are looking for you would always find your office at InstaOffice. 

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