10 Ways To Leave A Lasting Impression On Your First Day At Office

The first day at work is always special. It is exciting and nerve wrecking both at the same time. But no matter how your mood is, it is really important to leave a long lasting impression at your first day. After all, First impression is the last impression“, especially in a corporate world. Studies suggest that we size up a new person in between 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Remember, from what you say to what you do people are paying attention.

So here are top ten tips that’ll help you leave a mark on your first day at work !
  • Everyone likes a person who lights up the room with his/her presence and is cordial and pleasant. Having a POSITIVE ATTITUDE is the foremost way of leaving a long lasting mark on anyone who comes across you during the very first day at your new workplace. Sport a radiant smile, attitude and personality. Be your real self. 
  • Be very certain to look put together and don’t forget to choose your outfit based on the workplace and its environment. To make sure that you DRESS TO IMPRESS, simply ask your HR about the dress code of your company. Do not over-dress or under-dress and secure that you are well-groomed and your clothes are neat and unwrinkled. The best way to know what the appropriate work attire at your new office is by taking notes of what people are wearing during your interview ! 
  • New employees are often judged by how they respect others’ as well as their own time. If you plan on being your boss’ new favorite, then PUNCTUALITY IS THE KEY. If not early, be sure to reach office at the reporting time. In the first few weeks of your job make sure you come a bit early and stay longer than needed. 
  • You are bound to have too many questions in the first few days of your work. But more questions are always better than no or little communication. It takes a while before you settle into a new workplace, so ask questions and COMMUNICATE whenever necessary instead of getting something done wrong. 
  •  Trash talking your previous employees will only help create a bad image of you at your new job. It might be tempting telling horror stories of incidents with your former bosses but it creates an ill impression in front of your colleagues and employer, specially when you are new. Make sure you SPEAK WELL OF YOUR FORMER BOSSES because in a corporate world word gets around, and it could hamper your future opportunities.
Those were some quite well-known hacks, now let’s take a look at some really not-so-standard things to do to make sure that you leave a mark on everyone ! 
  • When you start working in a new office, you become a part of a new team that works together and gets the job done. It’s really essential to SHOW TEAM SPIRIT  by showing your loyalty towards them and uplifting each other by positive attitude and focus. 
  • Consider yourself as part of the family at your office space and if your colleagues plan for a lunch or dinner, go out with them and JOIN YOUR COLLEAGUES at group outings. People tend to bond the most over food and beverages, so it’s your best chance to showcase your true self and leave a lasting mark.
  • Every workplace is full of rumors and gossips. Even if you’re a big gossip monger, don’t indulge in any trash talking at your very first day or avoid it in future as well. KEEP YOUR NOSE CLEAN OF THE GOSSIPS. It is inevitable that soon you’ll be exposed to all the office politics at some time but avoid getting involved as long as you can. 
  • Everyone you come across on your first day at work, make sure you REMEMBER THEIR NAME AND STORY. It leaves a good impression when people know that you could remember their names instead of calling them by other names.
  • It’s important to ESTABLISH A GOOD ATTENDANCE RECORD along with working full days. Try to make it to work every morning on time during those first weeks/ month on job. There can be emergencies and you might fall sick but other than that don’t take unnecessary leaves.
A new job is always challenging and exciting at the same time. Keep in mind the dos and don’ts of workplace and this will help you create a desired first impression and take you long way in the new corporate world.
Happy Officing !

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