5 Things Your Boss Expects You To Know About Coworking

Coworking is happening and raging as we speak. There is no denying the benefits that working out of a coworking space provide. However, it is important to understand the things your boss expects you to know about coworking before your first day there.

Before you join a coworking community, there are certain coworking etiquette and codes you need to be aware of to get the best out of your coworking experience.

Here are the 5 things your boss expects you to know about coworking.

1. No calls and meetings in the community space

You must take all work-related confidential calls and meetings in an allocated space. Attend your calls in a private area and conduct your meetings in a fully-equipped meeting room. This is essential not just for protection of your company’s private matters, but also to avoid disruption for those working around you.

2. Networking for opportunities

Networking and collaboration are one of the biggest advantages of coworking. It is a must to use this opportunity to the optimum for the benefit of your company and your business. Mingle around with people from aligned or compatible fields.


Coworking Statistics

(Source: Statista)


Considering this significant rise in the number of people who are choosing to work out of a coworking space, you can imagine the scope of networking and collaborating opportunities such shared office spaces can provide. As you network, you might just find your next client, your next resource, or your next big idea for the business.


Coworking statistics



3. Prioritizing of work

It is very easy to get distracted by everything that goes on in a coworking space. People belonging to different fields and industries come together to work under one roof. This can create an atmosphere that is anything but boring. While it is important to indulge yourself in the atmosphere and mingle around, you must prioritize your work and ensure you meet your deadlines and stick to your To-Do list.

4. Find your focus zone

Find a space or a way to find your focus when working out of a coworking space. You must know what conditions or which area in the coworking space will work for you when you need to get something done. It could either be a quiet corner in the workspace, or just a good pair of noise-canceling headphones, that works for you.


coworking statistics

(Source: Downtown Works)

Clearly, coworking can be extremely productive if you prioritize and work smartly in this setup.

5. Use of resources and amenities

A coworking space is pre-equipped with all the basic amenities and facilities to meet your business and office requirements. You must ensure you use these resources responsibly. Do not overuse or exploit the amenities you have access to, as that would reflect not just on you, but also the company you belong to and your boss.

Coworking can be the best decision you could ever take for your company and your career. All you need to do is keep these tips in mind and keep your boss happy!

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