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How to find your Shared Office space

Intro: The basic idea behind shared office space is as the name suggests, an open office where people bounce ideas off each other, talk about their work and problems which also brings forth many new start-ups and brings forth fresh perspectives. Instead of everyone being in the same industry working for the same people having the same old boss, people come from all types of companies.

Whom is Shared Office Space for and why?

You may be a startup founder, web designer, writer or an entrepreneur starting your own journey looking to make it big in this world but lost and out of ideas, tired of distractions in your house, you might want to look at shared office spaces near your locations.

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Creative Destruction – Coworking

“New lifestyles prevail once we have replaced or “destroyed” the old ways of doing things.”

This is what we call Creative Destruction. On 10th September, 2016, Vikas Lakhani (Founder, InstaOffice) took the stage at the Coworking India Conference 2016 to shed more light upon how there could have never been a better time for Coworking to creatively destruct the Real estate Industry by creating value for both landlords and tenants.


How to Deal With Your ‘Bossy’ Boss

These days, business leaders do not believe in the autocratic style of leadership anymore. With flatter organizational hierarchies, emphasis on teamwork and the growth of social media, the abuse of power by bosses is less rampant today. Managers are tweaking their leadership styles and learning to be more communicative.

However, leaders who still follow older styles of leadership do exist. Here’s how they continue to make employees miserable today, and some tips to help you deal with them.  

Not giving credit where it’s due

A common complaint is about bosses who do not give credit where it is due. They forget to acknowledge the individual who came up with the winning idea or worse, they take the credit themselves. Often, in the rush to complete a project, the acknowledgement is made too late, and by that point the employee is bitter and demoralized. There’s also the ‘fair weather boss’ who blames the employee when things go foul.

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Why Working From Home doesn’t always Work?

n the face of it, working from home has its obvious charms. It promises flexible working hours, a non-existent dress code and freedom from long travelling hours, amongst other benefits.

However, the option may not always be as rosy as it looks. It was after Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer decided to end the company’s work from home policies, that the entire debate on the pros and cons of working from home sparked up.

A research in Psychological Science in the Public Interest found that working from home can be beneficial to employees and employers—but only in small doses. If put to practice for a prolonged period of time, working from home can have many negative effects on both professional and personal fronts.

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Office Design Trends For 2016

As markets and businesses have grown, so have the offices that facilitate them. The workplaces of today carry the ethos of a new culture, one that promotes the switch away from cubicle segregation and static work hours.

Advances in technology, rise of the startup culture, and the new generation of workforce known as the millennials have all contributed to the demise of cubicles and designated offices and given birth to flexible office spaces that house standing tables, open workplaces and collaborative areas which create a sense of openness, and transparency.

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Types of Flexible Working Spaces

The rise of a new generation of workforce has led to the phasing out of the traditional way businesses and office spaces have operated. Over the past couple of years, many have claimed that the traditional office has become obsolete, and it has been replaced by flexible working places like business lounges, co-working spaces and short term serviced offices.

Reports reveal that over the past few years, serviced office spaces in major commercial markets such as United States, and the United Kingdom have grown over 10-15%, and analysts peg this figure for India to be over the 15% mark.

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Shared Office Spaces: As modeled on Sharing Economy

The last decade saw a whirlwind of changes in consumption, due to the advent of sharing economy. Sharing economy, or collaborative economy model allows people to share resources such as services, skills and equipment with one another, thereby reducing the cost marginally.

Globally, the sharing economy is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 139.4%, and according to industry estimates, it will swell to around $26 Billion in the coming years.

What’s up with share?

This new trend has changed the way businesses have operated traditionally across all industries. Whether it is renting a cab, a room or any other product/service, the consumption and supply have both evolved.

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Office Location: Things to Consider

The initial stage of any Business Plan is dedicated to resource allocation and idea generation, but one important aspect of the business that eventually frames a path for success is choosing an office.

As we talked earlier, choosing the right office for your business includes looking into 4 pivotal factors – location, price, infrastructure and capacity. Here we’re particularly highlighting the components to look for while finalizing a location.

A good location not only assists in opportunity generation and employee-satisfaction matrices but it also has many hidden factors that eventually contribute in big ways.

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8 Things You Can’t Do Without in your Office

Long gone are the days when your workplace merely meant a desk to work at. Offices of today are an ecosystem in themselves, aiming to cover the needs of the employees from head to toe.

The human resource managers of most organizations see offices as a platform to collaborate and deliver results. Which is why, a huge thought is increasingly paid to each and every detail that goes in building an office.

Findings from a World Green Building Council’s report, “Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Offices” establish a direct relationship between the aesthetic design of an office and the productivity of the people working in it. That is not something new after all!

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Top Ergonomic Practices for your Office

If you have a desk job, you probably spend more time at your desk than you do at anything else in your life. Sitting at desks all day in front of the computer, is not only daunting but hazardous.

Hours of sedentary work can take a toll on the functioning and posture of your body. In a survey by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) in the US,  participants attributed between 24 and 75 percent of musculoskeletal disorders(MSDs) and other minor injuries to poor office conditions. Therefore, it becomes detrimental for organizations and business owners to minimize the damage on their employees’ health via ergonomic practices.

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Choosing the Right Office for your Business

For any business, the importance of a good office can not be undermined. An office is almost a prerequisite, no matter what stage or industry one’s business may be in. Certainly an efficient team plays a crucial part in the success of a business, but to attract and retain the best workforce too, a good working space is a must.

Hence, no points for guessing that organizations are increasingly working towards improving their workplaces for talent acquisition, and better team productivity.

Andy Bugg, Head of Workplace Consultancy at Knight Frank notes, We are seeing firms take a long term view on investment in their office space in order to meet the expectations of the newest generation of employees.  More and more, the perception of the office as a business expense is shifting as firms see the value in leveraging office space as a tool to inspire and energise their staff.

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