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How to Deal With Your ‘Bossy’ Boss

These days, business leaders do not believe in the autocratic style of leadership anymore. With flatter organizational hierarchies, emphasis on teamwork and the growth of social media, the abuse of power by bosses is less rampant today. Managers are tweaking their leadership styles and learning to be more communicative.

However, leaders who still follow older styles of leadership do exist. Here’s how they continue to make employees miserable today, and some tips to help you deal with them.  

Not giving credit where it’s due

A common complaint is about bosses who do not give credit where it is due. They forget to acknowledge the individual who came up with the winning idea or worse, they take the credit themselves. Often, in the rush to complete a project, the acknowledgement is made too late, and by that point the employee is bitter and demoralized. There’s also the ‘fair weather boss’ who blames the employee when things go foul.

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