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Coworking benefits for landlords and property managers 0

The Coworking Movement – Bright Future for Landlords & Property Managers

The coworking industry is no less than a movement, with benefits that are being enjoyed by many! Companies have seen major improvements in their business like opportunities and entry in new markets, outsourced management of office, beautiful designs, and flexible work environment. Question arises regarding the coworking benefits and the future of landlords and property managers in this whole scenario.

Tips on coworking for beginners 0

Tips on Co-working For Beginners

As a young entrepreneur, new freelancer or fresh-minded grad, you have found the perfect spot to begin and develop your business: a coworking space. But now that the desk is booked and the bill is paid, how do you face your first day in a shared office? Is there a wrong or right way to begin? InstaOffice brings you tips on co-working for beginners.

How to choose the perfect coworking space 0

How To Choose The Perfect Coworking Space

The whole idea of coworking space is to bring together the creative people together and let various innovative ideas collide. But choosing the space where you can work while sharing it with multiple people, from diverse backgrounds with varying careers? Yes, it can seem a little dicey sometimes. From my experience of answering numerous client queries regarding the space, which will eventually result in their choice of workspace, let me give an insight into how to choose the perfect coworking space.

Coworking vs Work culture in India 0

Is Coworking Changing the Work Culture in India?

The office space culture in India has drastically changed over time with due to the western typology that was introduced into the country in the 1990s. The evolution has been driven primarily by business and real estate shifts. The growing realization that a maturing and global Indian workforce needs a workplace that speaks for it’s ethos and morals has lead to the offices of today being more casual and flexible.