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A Complete Guide to Rent A Coworking Space in India

Coworking is the best way to bring independent professionals, startups, SMEs, and big corporates under a common roof, and help them interact and work together. Renting a coworking space holds a tremendous potential of benefits for you and your business if done correctly. The foundation is, of course, to rent a coworking space that is just right for you. It is crucial to choose a space that would deliver the benefits it was meant to deliver.

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Watch How: Save Money for Startups & SMEs

Every big company started small at some point. Limited access to resources, capital, and uncertainty of the extent of liabilities for the business are some of the few challenges every entrepreneur has to deal with in the initial stages of the business. This is the reason why it’s crucial for entrepreneurs to get creative and come up with ways to save money for startups and SMEs.

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7 Tips on How to Get the Best Out of Coworking

Working out of a coworking space as a trend is catching up, but you will always find that one person who would have his doubts and prefer to stay at home and work in quiet. However, it is important to realize, the possibility of distractions exists everywhere. Whether you work out of a traditional office space, a coffee shop, or even the comfort of your home, distractions are everywhere. This is why it is important to understand how to get the best out of coworking.

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Tips on Co-working For Beginners

As a young entrepreneur, new freelancer or fresh-minded grad, you have found the perfect spot to begin and develop your business: a coworking space. But now that the desk is booked and the bill is paid, how do you face your first day in a shared office? Is there a wrong or right way to begin? InstaOffice brings you tips on co-working for beginners.

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An Introvert’s Guide to Coworking

The Startup ecosystem has brought a shift in the working culture and conventional workspaces. A lot of people are moving into shared and open workspaces today, to avail the popular benefit of networking and collaborating associated with such workspaces. This is where things can get tricky for someone who is an introvert by nature, and the need for an introvert’s guide to coworking is needed more than ever!

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How To Choose The Perfect Coworking Space

The whole idea of coworking space is to bring together the creative people together and let various innovative ideas collide. But choosing the space where you can work while sharing it with multiple people, from diverse backgrounds with varying careers? Yes, it can seem a little dicey sometimes. From my experience of answering numerous client queries regarding the space, which will eventually result in their choice of workspace, let me give an insight into how to choose the perfect coworking space.