RBL Bank & Startup India Team Up to Fund Startups

RBL Bank has teamed up with Indian Government’s Startup India campaign. Together, they have launched InFinIT20, which is a 3-months intensive program for funding and mentoring of 20 startups.

Going by recent statistics, investment does not seem to be the primary factor for the success of a startup. What also contribute towards growth of a successful business are mentor-ship and good strategy. An experienced mentor helps a founding startup deal with every challenge that surfaces as the business grows.

Rajeev Ahuja, executive director at RBL Bank said, “We have partnered with approximately 1000 startups providing them with a variety of services. With InFinIT20, RBL will provide its domain expertise through 7 years of engagement with startups.”

The program has the target to focus on growth of Wealth Management, Insurance Tech, Agri-Finance, Financial Inclusion, Digital Contracts, Digital Payments, Digital Lending, Block Chain, and Artificial Intelligence, to name a few. The program will help startups receive complete guidance from experienced professionals from FinTech. The focus is going to be to help the startups create strategies and bring success in the business.

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