Mobigraph XPRESSO – The Next Revolution in Digital Communication

Digital communication is growing and how! Despite the dependency on digital communication for personal as well as professional uses, it has been limited to texts, punctuations, pictures, and static smileys. These are the numbered ways in which you can try to give meaning and expression to the messages you send across. To make digital communication more interactive and expressive, Mobigraph XPRESSO has entered the market.

Mobigraph has been co-founded by 3 ex-Samsung India employees – Siddharth Vinakote, Sujith Kumar, Uday Kadirvel, and Subrahmanyam AS. Uday says Mobigraph is an emotion-focussed company that has come into the market to enhance digital communication that is emotionally bankrupt right now.

What has Mobigraph changed?

Mobigraph has created a new avatar tech with super personalized emotions, which can be used in animations, avatars, and visual effects.

QUGO, its first product and a messenger with the tech avatar, was launched in 2015. However, QUGO brought in the realisation that people would want to share these tech avatars on other messenger platforms as well. Not to mention, adapting to yet another messenger may seem cumbersome to some.

Mobigraph Next Step – Animated GIFs

In March 2017, Mobigraph launched a new product XPRESSO, where one can create animated GIFs. The technology blends in all the elements like avatars, facial expression, text animations, gestures, and visual effects to reflect the emotional state of the person creating the GIF. These Animoji GIFs can be shared on various platforms like Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Twitter, and more.

The app is growing at an encouraging pace and claims to generate approximately 10 million GIFs in a month. Cloud APIs make it easy to integrate the app with any keyboard and messaging partners. As of now, it has partnered with TouchPal and 4lio.

XPRESSO vs Bitmoji

Snapchat’s Bitmoji is right now the biggest global competitor of Mobigraph. Bitmoji is not animated, but they have recently launched AR filter-based animations. Uday is of the opinion that, while Bitmoji AR fliter is targeted towards being fun, Mobigraph targets conveying the emotion.

XPRESSO vs Bobble

The local competitor Bobble is limited to use of real faces and creates caricatured animation. On the other hand, XPRESSO focuses on facial expressions and body language.

Mobigraph – The Road Ahead

Till now, Mobigraph has raised approximately $950k from Silicon Valley angels Shirish Phatak and Mark Lin. Currently, they are in talks with some major OEMs for keyboard integration of the app. API integration is in progress with Touchpal.

Also, the future plan for Mobigraph is to roll out interesting features, like converting a selfie into and animated avatar, and many more features around the avatars.

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