Curating Indie Cinema with PickUrFlick

When you talk to people, you start with leveraging a common ground – be it their favourite game or their favourite movie. Films and entertainment are something which definitely excites everyone, whether you talk to a friend, potential employee or an investor. This week, InstaOffice is proud to introduce one of our members, Abhishek Sinha, who is running a company called PickUrFlick. His platform curates Indie Cinema from all around the world.

Indian Government schemes for Women Entrepreneurs

The success and scale of the current startup ecosystem is a testament of its potential which is already being recognized by the corporate industry and eminent investors. Being a woman entrepreneur brings with itself its own challenges which are being encountered by women’s sheer skill and the ability to run their own company. Many women are now ruling the startup scenario, and the Government has been pitching in with some great schemes to make this journey easier for women. Here are the Indian Government schemes for women entrepreneurs.