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InstaOffice – Startup news of the day [Top 10] – 26th July 0

InstaOffice – Startup news of the day [Top 10] – 26th July

Here is your daily dose of startup news for the day!

  1. The edtech startup, Byju’s has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from China-based Tencent Holdings Limited. Read more here
  2. Naveen Surya, the Managing Director of ItzCash Card Ltd for nearly 12 years has put in his papers and, is reportedly planning to start his own venture. Read More here
  3. US-based e-commerce major Inc has infused Rs 1,381.6 crore ($214.6 million) into its Indian data services arm. Read more here
  4. U.S. retailer Michael Kors has agreed to buy luxury shoemaker Jimmy Choo for $1.2 billion. Read more here
  5. Japanese telecom and Internet conglomerate SoftBank Group Corp is considering investing in a venture capital fund of early-stage investment firm Kalaari Capital. Read more here
  6. Kumar Mangalam Birla, chairman of Idea Cellular and Vittorio Colao, chief executive, Vodafone Group in a joint statement Tuesday said they expect the merger between the two companies to be completed in 2018.  Read  more here
  7. ntegrated logistics solutions provider Sical Logistics Ltd said it will acquire Mumbai-based PNX Logistics Pvt. Ltd for Rs 10 crore (around $1.5 million) in an all-cash deal. Read more here
  8. Agnus Capital, the family office of promoters of pharma firm Strides Group, has upped its bet on Rishi Khiani’s startup accelerator Ant Farm by investing an undisclosed amount in incubatee firm Fork Media. Read more here
  9. Just a year after its biggest buyout ever—the takeover of the Indian cement portfolio of Lafarge for $1.4 billion, trumping bigger rivals Piramal and JSW—Nirma has set its eyes on Tronox Alkali for 2 Billion dollars. Read here
  10. App-based bus aggregator Shuttl has launched new safety features for its commuters, Shuttl SAFE (Secure Anxiety Free Experience).Read more here

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InstaOffice – Startup news of the day [Top 10] – 25th July 0

InstaOffice – Startup news of the day [Top 10] – 25th July

Here is a quick round up of Startup News that are trending today!

  1. Global cash-and-carry wholesale chain Walmart India Pvt. Ltd has appointed former Future Consumer Ltd CEO Devendra Chawla as its Chief Operating Officer – media reports said, citing a person close to the development. More details here
  2.  Uber rival Grab secures $2Bn from SoftBank & Didi Chuxing. Read more here.
  3. Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries Limited has picked up almost 25% stake in Balaji Telefilms Limited (BTL). More here.
  4. PayTM elevates Kiran Vasireddy as COO of payments business. Read more here.
  5. Bengaluru-based staff communication platform Noticeboard has raised $1.2 Mn in a funding round led by Stellaris Venture Partners and other angel investors. More here.
  6. Microsoft may invest 50 – 100 Million in Ola cabs. Read more here.
  7. pitches $70-$80 million bid for FreeCharge. Read here
  8. Alibaba backed companies Paytm, AG Tech form Joint Venture for gaming. Read more here
  9.  Cab-hailing giant Uber Technologies Inc has appointed former Chief Marketing Officer of furniture e-tailer Urban Ladder, Sanjay Gupta, as Head of Marketing in India. Details here

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10 Ways To Leave A Lasting Impression On Your First Day At Office 0

10 Ways To Leave A Lasting Impression On Your First Day At Office

The first day at work is always special. It is exciting and nerve wrecking both at the same time. But no matter how your mood is, it is really important to leave a long lasting impression at your first day. After all, First impression is the last impression“, especially in a corporate world. Studies suggest that we size up a new person in between 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Remember, from what you say to what you do people are paying attention.

So here are top ten tips that’ll help you leave a mark on your first day at work !
  • Everyone likes a person who lights up the room with his/her presence and is cordial and pleasant. Having a POSITIVE ATTITUDE is the foremost way of leaving a long lasting mark on anyone who comes across you during the very first day at your new workplace. Sport a radiant smile, attitude and personality. Be your real self. 
  • Be very certain to look put together and don’t forget to choose your outfit based on the workplace and its environment. To make sure that you DRESS TO IMPRESS, simply ask your HR about the dress code of your company. Do not over-dress or under-dress and secure that you are well-groomed and your clothes are neat and unwrinkled. The best way to know what the appropriate work attire at your new office is by taking notes of what people are wearing during your interview ! 
New employees are often judged by how they respect others’ as well as their own time. If you plan on being your boss’ new favorite, then =&2=&

5 Places to eat in Indiranagar under 500 Rs

When you live or work out of Indiranagar, you understand that everything comes at a cost.The food is expensive, beer is expensive. Sigh. Not anymore.

Here’s presenting budget restaurants in Indiranagar where you can eat like a king with less than 500 Rupees:



The typical kerala beef house where you can relax, order meals and have fish and beef to go by the side. With their meals starting at 70 Rupees, you know you don’t have to worry about skipping a meal next time it’s the month end and you’re visiting Indiranagar.We recommend Beef Fry, Appam, Kerala Paratha, Beef Roast, Crab Roast, Kerala Biryani, Chicken Biryani.

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When does an office make sense for a Startup?

If there is one aspect of work that is changing, then it is expansion.There was a time, when expanding your company and getting your own office space meant, an entire floor, meetings inside a cabin, and small talks by the coffee machine. Digital age has changed our concept of office space with startups thriving without physical space for their companies. Some companies have done away with their offices completely, but undoubtedly, some businesses wouldn’t be able to survive without one.

So, it comes down to one question: does your startup really “need” an office?

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Coworking Developing the Employee Quality of Work

Coworking, being at the forefront of the wave of unprecedented growth in the real estate industry, is definitely one of the places where employees are found to thrive most.

One of the main and most important reasons is that the employees find a vibrant community to work and collaborate with, along with a plethora of services at their disposal, like free tea/coffee, a huddle area and wonderful events to attend – giving them something new and exciting to look forward to even when they’re stuck doing the same thing for days!

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Shared offices vs Private offices

Whether to take up a shared office or a private office is one of the most important points of evaluation for all companies  – whether it’s the early stage startups of today or large corporations.

The choice between both can be further evaluated by weighing the pros and cons  of shared and private offices based on the company’s needs.


Growth is a universal goal for all companies – they all want to be scaling this path to get higher than where they are. While private offices would require a large amount of payment upfront and constant maintenance costs, it would take restrict the company’s growth. However, in shared spaces, you do not have to pay large sums, and you can easily upsize and downsize as per your requirements and budget in the long run – making it easy for you to focus what you are really there in your company for.

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If Bahubali were a Startup

By now I’m pretty sure, everyone has watched Bahubali and reveled at the marvel of the movie’s action sequence and the brilliant screenplay. Keeping aside the glamour, don’t you think a Kingdom is very much an enterprise. For me, it reminded me of the various startups that flits in and out of our coworking space.

My S GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

We are making Mahishmathi, the kingdom, the startup that all of them strive to protect. Mahishmathi Kingdom is a living soul in the ecosystem. The startup has its own character, grace, and grandeur – it is the most central character of the plot. All the stakeholders are taken care of, and they work towards protecting the startup kingdom and its glory. The startup is marketed brilliantly, with branding of its logo and its environment

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Corpoworking Workplace

With coworking at the spearhead of the unprecedented revolution in the real estate industry, influencing the work conventions and environment of the corporate offices, ‘CorpoWorking’ is the future of a new corporate culture. The motion that helped in shifting the traditional outlook for offices to a co-working environment has made it’s way into the organisational setting.


Coined by LBMG Labs, “Corpoworking” is the corporate world’s take on coworking, aimed at providing employees a respite from a traditional office setup and engaging them in a coworking-like environment, redefining the meaning of a modern corporate phenomenon. The corpoworking concept isn’t needed to permanently enter the traditional work setup but can co-exist for an alternative, collaborative and pliable environment. 

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5 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

Through all times, sometimes what gives us a life into the life of entrepreneurs will usually be movies. These are some movies that we think all entrepreneurs should definitely watch that will completely change the way you think and act!

1) The Pursuit of Happyness

What should you do when your back is up against the wall? If you’re Chris Gardner, the founder of private brokerage firm Gardner Rich & Co., you just work harder than you ever did.This biopic about Gardner’s life puts light on how the entrepreneur struggled with homelessness while raising his son as a single father in San Francisco. After his career as a salesman selling bone density scanners came to an end, Gardner was homeless, lived in shelters while he fought to get an internship as a stockbroker.

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5 Books That Will Change Every Entrepreneurs Life!

f there’s one common denominator that a lot of successful entrepreneurs share, it would be them taking the time to invest in themselves.

For one thing, they read books—lots of them! Mark Zuckerberg made it his New Year’s resolution to read a new book every other week with the intent of learning different histories, beliefs, cultures, and new technologies.

At this point, you’re probably wondering how he’s taking the time to read so much despite how busy he is running such a massive company, so what kind of excuse do we have for not reading?

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