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This week, InstaOffice  is introducing member Sandra Colhando, from TransforME Learning & Leadership Solutions. When we talk about TransforME, Sandra shares there are two sides of the story – one being what the company is and has achieved, and other the emotional connect they bring to their clients.

TransforME is an Award winning Learning and Leadership solution organization started in February 2012 by Gatik and Sandra. They drive powerful organizational development interventions using a two-pronged approach of traditional and transformation development methods. With a stellar background of transformation success stories of the clients, they bring the most value with their Leadership Interventions across the globe.


Today in this VUCA environment, they have created their identity with their award winning Breakthrough Leadership Program (a leadership journey of 6-9 months) and the Art of Storytelling – which now has become the first globally recognized program that acted like a catalyst for bringing the revolution of business narratives with the corporate world.

Every workshop is initiated with a diagnostic to get the real sense of the current challenges and realities, then the workshop delivery becomes completely aligned to the requirement, making it effective and experiential. In the last 5 years, they have partnered with almost 100 organizations, including MNC’s such as McKinsey, United Nations, EY, BCG, Accenture, ITC and Flipkart. Moreover, they also have catered workshops around the world including Dubai, New Zealand and are in the process of venturing out to Australia.


“Coaching Conversations” is a new vertical they have ventured out that focuses on leadership and executive coaching which is fast growing with some of the country’s best coaches on board.

TransforME, not TransforYOU

We asked Sandra the reason why TransforME was born to which she explained “The name is TransforME and not TransforYOU – we don’t believe in transforming others, we firmly believe that true transformation happens from within and it has to start from me. Both Gatik and I went through an array of different journeys of self-discovery, understanding what we are meant to do, understanding our life calling and what we truly enjoyed.”

This beautiful path led them to the realization that this is what they love doing. Over the years with their inside-out approach they have enabled people to make transformational shifts in their skills, behaviors and attitudes successfully within their professional & personal life, empowering them to be the best version of themselves.

Their methodology focuses on in-depth personal awareness that helps an individual to understand their barriers and to be able to break it.

Their interventions leverage the relevant combination of methodologies that they have mastered over, to ensure learning translates into action.

TransforME was born with the pure emotional philosophy of transforming a million lives and no matter what they do every way they would try and follow their philosophy of “Inside-out” which is their mission statement. “We have no fancy business plans”, she says. Their core ethic is to help connect a person with what’s lying inside them, to recognize their strength and derive the purpose for their life by following their calling.

Testimonials never lie. “The clients that we have worked with, saw the value that we give and that is how the business has just grew”, Sandra reminds us.

Mentor Support and the team

What started out as a husband-wife venture has grown into a powerful team and has not stopped growing since. They currently employ 10 full time employees, 15 professional facilitaors and about 20 panel consultants at different levels of coaching.

Sandra speaks about Dr. Prabhakar Kamath, who plays a special role in being their chief mentor and the chairperson. “In the initial years we did not have enough knowledge and there was a lot that was needed to run a company other than just degrees. Being an executive coach, Dr. Kamath was very instrumental and kept coaching them in terms of breaking the barriers in their minds.”

transforme 2

”Knowing that you have a person supporting you emotionally is sometimes more encouraging than someone supporting you financially.” Sandra asserts.

First Award

Sandra couldn’t believe the first time they got an email stating that they are to be awarded and actually called them and asked them about their background and why they have nominated them. When you get an award it tells you that whatever you are doing is meaningful and other are seeing it. Exciting experience. Both Sandra and Gatik got the award and the company got it for it’s best result based organidation.

While talking about their initial days, Sandra confesses that their first few months were tough. Both the husband and wife had quit their job. This, she says, is what drove them to ensure that TransforME worked out. “We had no backup, we had to make this happen. For the first 3 months I worked part time while Gatik worked full-time on TransforME. For the first 8 months they reached out to multiple companies and by second year the number of companies they would reach out to reduced. And for the last two years we have not actually picked up the phone and made any calls.” says Sandra.

“We have loved the energy in the space” – TransforME at InstaOffice!

We asked Sandra why she chose us. “InstaOffice provides a very nice environment for coaching for our clients. It’s a neutral zone.”

She further continued, “It provides a safe, professional and private environment with a lot of comfort. InstaOffice gives us these benefits when we are coaching one on one private confidential conversations.”

“I love the openness and the clear structure with the elegant private office space. It feels like it’s my office and not just a place am working from. The service is great when it comes to the employees and the staff. When senior clients visit us at InstaOffice, the space is extremely professional and they have loved the energy in the space. My other team members fight with me to sit here and envy me for having the best workstation. The connectivity is one of the perks. If tomorrow I want to shift to another location, I can just pack and move to their other locations across Gurgaon.

You could know more about TransforME here. You can also catch them at various events and seminars they organize, which we would definitely recommend attending. You could follow them on their Facebook page to stay updated with their upcoming events.

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