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InstaOffice introduces Mr. Manoj Chandra, from Insperme Consulting.

“If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody.”

Chinese Proverb
Starting your own business is not all unicorns and rainbows, rather you will be met with scuffles at every corner. The pains of every startup are almost the same that range from limited cash flows to building a strong team, getting the right people on board, establishing a wide client base, lead nurturing and lots of many unforeseen struggles that you need to skill out. If you are planning to start a business but cannot make your mind up for how you would deal with the many tussles of finding the first set of customers, building your brand, growth, developing leads, product proposition, pricing decisions and taking the brand to the market, Insperme Consulting, a member at InstaOffice Community at Sector-45, has been providing real services in outsourced CMO. Mr. Manoj Chandra founded the company in 2016 for supporting the young and newbie startups in key areas. 
Becoming a part of the team in their growth
Being the name InspireMe” unavailable, Mr. Chandra settled for Insperme” giving it an interesting story to tell. 
“The best way to help startups in the growth of their business and marketing program is to become a part of their team” Mr. Chandra quotes. 
The cost at which the company functions is equivalent to hiring a young executive but with access to a lot of experience. In a strategy to get the target audience, the company uses means of word of mouth, social media, blogs etc. 
How it all came into picture
Mr. Chandra became an entrepreneur in 2011 and since then led a number of businesses and exited. Having worked with a lot of businesses like McDonald’s, Bata, DHL & many more and been involved in various ventures in E-commerce, applications and education over a span of 25 years, he gained a lot of exposure to building consumer brand and growing them.
After having a few rounds of the process, he realized how hard it is for young entrepreneurs to kick-start the various activities for growth. He quotes, When you are young and alone with nobody to guide and help you, you need mentors, advisers and people who will help you to fill out and mount up your pursuit.” That’s when he decided to use his experience and expertise for the benefit of fellow entrepreneurs. Insperme Consulting came into picture as a consulting business with the sole objective of helping early-stage companies to scale-up.
Identifying, Learning and Evolving!
Although the company is just half-year mature, it works on the set principles of learning, identifying best models and evolving in terms of client growth. 
Consulting comes in various shapes and sizes, so the first few months were spent in identifying the best model to build the business on. 
Discovering the set of customers Mr. Chandra made his own business plan and planned from who would he target to what is his value proposition, what is the selling product, why will someone buy it, what is the value addition, at what price it’ll sell. 
According to him, finding the best set of customers is a major task. For Insperme it largely comes through references which so far has been happening. They have been growing on the belief that one testimonial is worth a million dollars. 
The model works on a lean strategy
Mr. Chandra started the journey alone and the goal has always been to not become a cost-heavy enterprise. The core team comprises of four members and the model works on a very lean strategy where the skill sets are brought in on an outsourced basis by the company. So the company has specialists in every area who work with them but are not the permanent team/employees. Areas where there is intense work, they have started building a team for it like technology, digital creative.
“We have been growing and adding clients every month and happy with where we are headed and are growing with InstaOffice”, says Mr. Chandra.
Goal Goal Goal!
Like any other growing and expanding business, the Insperme team looks forward to working with 100s of early-stage startups across sectors over the next few years. From real world companies to traditional models, consumer product company, real estate, core B2B apps, travel, education, pharma, they have worked with all and have incubated two companies. 
They work with entrepreneurs who have the vision and need the guidance to stay on the right path and stay on the goal. 
Since most of the startups are boot-strapped or have way little funds, Insperme makes sure that the services are affordable. If the service is expensive then the startups can set up their own team but their value proposition is that a startup does not have to create a whole marketing team. From developing leading campaigns to organizing events, they offer them all.
Mr. Chandra states, Focus is important to reach the goals. Finding the right set of media channels by which you can go to market, reach out to your customers. We initially work on a no-money marketing modules. The goal is to prove concepts and start early traction and not really scale-up, as it requires investment.”
“Somehow we kept moving with InstaOffice
Mr. Manoj came to InstaOffice in October 2016 while he was looking for a coworking space and didn’t have much money to invest. He found InstaOffice offering exactly the right kind of environment where he wanted to work and started the journey alone from Nirvana Centre and has been growing with InstaOffice ever since. 
He moved from Nirvana to Golf Course, became 2 people, added more clients and finally are at 45 with 4 people in the company as the core team. 
He expresses, We are very happy here and wish to grow with InstaOffice in the future and love the facilities. In a co-working the environment is very important, it needs to be convenient, flexible, happy yet allowing you to focus on what you do. I have clients from the InstaOffice community and a lot of my clients come here to work and they love the infrastructure. Somehow I kept moving and we kept moving with InstaOffice and have seen three centers and wish to experience more.”
Watch the below video to know more about why Insperme could be the perfect solution for your Marketing needs:
Happy Officing!
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