InstaOffice Introduces Rakhee Sakhuja

InstaOffice is thrilled to introduce Rakhee Sakhuja, a consultant with Associated Press – a U.S. based news agency. Rakhee gives us reasons to believe in the idea of work ethics and growing with your company.

Proprietor at OnMyOwn Communications, Rakhee Sakhuja has had a rather interesting career journey. She is also a consultant with AP, which is a leading global news agency and within her role, she oversees their subscriber operations in India as well as the rest of the South Asian region. Professionally, she specializes in Content Syndication, and Customer Support and Operations. Personally, she says she would like to specialize in baking one day and is pretty active on her Facebook page OMO Foodies, that promotes healthy home cooking.

Journey So Far

Rakhee started off with advertising in 2002. She gained experience in the advertising industry working through three agencies. “I worked hard, made a lot of great friends, and had a lot of fun working in advertising. However, as luck may have it, I got an excellent opportunity outside the advertising industry which I grabbed, and I haven’t turned back ever since!”

Even though the trend in today’s day and age may seem like jumping from one opportunity to another, Rakhee has been a part of Associated Press for over a decade, and happily so. “People always seem surprised by this decision of mine to stay put, but I believe ‘why fix something that ain’t broken’. Thankfully, it ain’t broken till now!” She says, “I see people who are constantly moving jobs and ventures. They always seem to be in a state of anxiousness, because they only have a small horizon to start up, set up, and move on. Real mettle, however, in my opinion, is proven when you stick around to see the results, take responsibility for the failures too, and adapt yourself to grow with the times.” Despite having worked with the same organization for this long, Rakhee’s role has changed and grown, providing her with opportunities to learn, grow, and flourish.

“Opportunity to travel is a perk that has given me exposure to different cultures and has made value addition to my experiences and personal development. Not to mention, a lifetime of memorable experiences to treasure, some heart-warming and enriching, while others downright hilarious, and a couple even scary during travels to the remotest areas!”

A 100-year-old meeting room in Sri Lankan nationalized newspaper's office in Colombo.

A 100-year-old meeting room in Sri Lankan nationalized newspaper’s office in Colombo.


Why Media?

She had always wanted to pursue a career that was not exactly old-school or conventional. This is what made her choose Communications as her field of work. Media as a field had always charmed her, and as an industry, it was exciting, emerging, and held a window to the future.

“This is still one of the most dramatically evolving professions and more diverse than before. Put it together with technology, and it has become one of the most exciting places to be in”. 

Her Challenges

At 25 years of age, her biggest challenge was to level with her colleagues and clients, a majority of who were older in years, experience and title. To cope up with the differences, she worked hard, polished her skills and delivered quality with her work, winning their respect and regard.

“Nearing my 40s today, the challenge I face is to stay young in the mind, stay relevant, and stay hungry!” She still wants to grow and scale new horizons, hoping that the same work ethics that have worked for her all this time, will continue to work for her.

Rakhee says she also faces certain clichéd challenges of being a woman at work, but these challenges, in her opinion, are a part of the package for everyone out there. “I have never experienced glass ceiling or anything of that sort, but other everyday challenges like achieving a work-life balance, maintaining safety when one is out and about are some of the things that one has to constantly deal with. Not to forget, the overloaded plate of responsibilities and deadlines, personal as well as professional.”

What keeps her going?

The constant need for perfection, the desire to evolve and never be static.

At the end of a workday, her goal is to be able to successfully execute a difficult task, learn something new and make a customer happy. These things mark for a great work day for Rakhee Sakhuja. A great cup of gourmet tea is her cherry on the cake! 

Her Success Mantra

Discipline is her ultimate secret to success. “When one is working remotely, it becomes all the more important to push yourself every day, to achieve self-assigned goals along with the ones set by your supervisors and clients, and to not get complacent, even if you are in a sweet spot for a while.” Existence of challenges is not unusual or out of the ordinary for anybody. The key is to have the determination and the discipline to face the challenges head-on and move on. 

The InstaOffice Contribution

Working out of InstaOffice has given Rakhee the flexibility to operate closer to her home, in the comfort of a regular office and a conducive social environment, which is crucial to a healthy workplace. Rakhee says, “While working from home is great if it works for you, it tends to get a little isolating and even distracting. For me, working out of InstaOffice has been beneficial so far.”

You can catch up with Rakhee Sakhuja at InstaOffice Center, GECC.

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