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“You need to keep finding yourself, a little more each day, that real, unlimited Fletcher Seagull. He is your instructor. You need to understand him and to practice him.” –

Jonathan Livingstone Seagull

In the article published by Economic times 2 months back, in socially conservative India, well-off families don’t send their women out to work, only those that can’t make ends meet from just a man’s salary do so. Today, just one in five urban Indian females are in the labor force.

We ponder on the reasons why. Is it society? Marriage? Children? Glass ceiling?

What makes women drop out of work is something that experts have been trying to find out for a while. While we cannot pinpoint on a specific aspect, or a reason, we decided to find why the women in our workplace CHOSE to work, to REBEL.

Meet Deepa Choudhary. She runs the firm Resoleveo Business Solutions along with a partner, Alka Ahelleya ( who is again a working mother). She is a member from our Bangalore 100 Ft centre. She’s a law graduate who practices CS and Resoleveo Business Solutions aims at solving Company Registrations (Private Limited, OPC, Public Limited), LLP & MSME Registrations, Trademark Filings and all the services related to Company Law. They also do GST registrations, Professional Tax, PT, ESI and Shops & Establishment Registrations. Raised at Ranchi, in Marwadi household, she tells us the story of the supportive men in her life – her father, her husband, and now her son. A staunch believer of experiencing motherhood, she says work life balance is the key to her success. Her personal and professional borders are well aligned and not a blur.

She talks about her days in college and then her marriage – building a strong support system is very essential. “Wherever you go, build that. Within your family, your friends, your husband and your son, ensure that the support system never leaves. This will nourish you and encourage you to work for your dreams. See my son Vihaan – he is not fussy at all, he eats whatever I put on his plate. The time saved from running around him with a plate of veggies saves me a lot of time and makes me less tired. Children understand when you are busy, I’m blessed to have such a family.”

From the very beginning, her father made her become aware of the need and potential of converting their unstructured environment into a more structured and professional workplace. When she started the company, she admits, “I did not know anything”. She started at the ground level with understanding every nuance and spending time with each task. The result was that it helped her understand the business bottom up and instilled a greater acceptance of her management style in the months to come.

“During my job I realized there are many mothers, who are highly qualified and experienced but have to take career break to take care of their kids (as we stay in nuclear family setup).” Talking about work, she says, “Initially it was difficult, there were challenges motivating women to work at their career break.  They were not sure if they will be able to do a justice to family life and work. Moreover , I have come across women who had lost their self confidence staying home for several years.

When you are working from home, there is no blur between your personal and professional life. When I chose to have an Office, I wanted to go to a place where I can meet other people, build professional network and this brings in the discipline in your life.”

Its your career, not an occassion. You are the boss, you have to make things work and make it more fruitful.

“My son Vihaan is my partner at meetings. He comes with me to each and every meeting with client, potential clients and even vendors. I have never faced an issue anywhere just because I take my child with me. Rather than working from home, I take home to work.”

She feels that her massive learning from all the genres that she had been engaged with is now coming to full fruition. She processes information based on her long associations with large pieces of life and most of their work comes out of this learning and understanding of people and businesses.

The mantra to stick by-

“I learned a lot from the people I interacted with. A lot of times, I still seek advice from my ex-bosses, mentors, and people I respect. My single fold learning graph on this has been a mantra that has never left me.”

Deepa’s message to the 21st generation women/girls

Marriage and motherhood are two of my life’s biggest blessings. I don’t try to be everywhere. I still weed out the unnecessary.  Learn the skill, enhance the method, work on the progress and deliver the result.

When we all do that, we realize that our entire life has been leading us to this place of positive learning and thus delivery is easy, effective and focused.”

PS: Resolveo Business Solutions is celebrating its anniversary specially for Startups. They are running an offer for company incorporation at INR 14999/- and GST Registration at INR 4999/-. You can contact Deepa at 9535972102.

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