Why Encourage A Good Laugh At The Workplace

Among the various tips and tricks for finding success and productivity at work, a little bit of laughter is one of the most important and probably the easiest to implement. A light-hearted and fun office is the place that inspires milestones and success, which makes it all the more important to encourage a good laugh at the workplace.

A laugh costs nothing and it is way better than just a smile! This World Laughter Day, be the change and bring more than a smile to the workplace.

laugh at work facts


Effects of Laughter

“A sense of humour is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

laugh at work facts

A good laugh is not only healthy, it is also great for your performance at work and for a connected team.

Laughter increases blood flow in the body, brings down blood sugar level, improves the immune system, boosts relaxation, and helps in healthy sleeping. Research has proved that laughing offsets the effect of mental stress and helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

It reduces stress hormones in the body, which would have otherwise been responsible for a creativity block and reduced productivity.

Humour at Work

How much and what kind of humour your workplace has, strictly depends on the workplace culture you have adopted. An environment that encourages its employees to be themselves and more open automatically becomes a more relaxed space. In a space like this, people joke around and laugh a little more. On the other hand, there are some workplaces where people choose to tone down their humorous self to be taken more seriously by their coworkers.

However, it is important to understand that humour and performance at work go hand in hand. The ability to use and appreciate good humour intensifies positivity and improves the emotional quotient of a person, which is in fact, a trait commonly found in great leaders and people of creative thinking.

laugh at work facts

Role of A Leader

A lot of leaders, especially those who are introverts, do not know how to incorporate light-hearted and healthy humour at work and within their team, and they do not know how to incorporate the same in their leadership style.

Let us consider two types of leaders here. One leader is dictatorial, somber, and a disciplinarian. The other leader is light-hearted, fun, and laughs a lot. They are both equally passionate about their work and are good at what they do.

The light-hearted leader stays happy with his team as long as they perform and meet their deadlines to the best of their ability. They lead by example and communicate clearly with the team members with respect to the company’s and the leader’s expectations.

The stern leader never makes jokes or laughs and has a team that is almost fed up with the strict rules and regulations. There is no clear communication regarding the expectations from the team. This leader usually seems stressed out and the team always feels a pressure to perform.

It goes without saying, that a team would perform better with the leader and at the workplace that is happier and stress-free.

A light-hearted leader is in no way less professional than the serious one. All this leader ensures is that the work atmosphere stays free of tension and even during the days when there is hard work involved, the team feels happy and productive. Getting disciplined and working under such a leader would make the team members more accepting towards him and his requirements and feel motivated. These leaders make their team feel that their benefit and development is being looked after, by the company.

laugh at work facts

Benefits of a Good Laugh at the workplace

Good Team Members

Everyone likes working with a person who is likable, as this is the person they would be spending a majority of their waking hours with. A person who is tastefully funny and does not use humour as a reason to offend people around is good for a team.

Stress Buster

Humour helps shift your perspective on things that stress you out. Laughing helps you relax emotionally as well as physically, busting all that stress, leading to better performance and better productivity.

Interpersonal Bonding

A good laugh helps people working at different hierarchical levels to realize there is a common ground that everyone seeks, and everyone out there is after all, human. This builds the foundation for better interpersonal relationships among the team members.

Comforting & Solution Driven Environment

A sense of humour at the workplace helps to break all the tension in case of a conflict. A relaxed environment makes people more solution-driven where they are able to look at the possibility of multiple solutions instead of focusing on one seemingly impossible solution to a problem.

Inspires Creativity

Humour helps people look at things in a different light and come up with out-of-the-box ideas. You look at things differently and do things differently with a little sense of humour.

Trust Building

Humour helps build mutual trust among team members, as it reveals a little more of the real person beneath the professional in front of you. You can develop trust and create a bond with your coworkers. This bonding exercise is vital for a healthy and a thriving workplace.

A Business that Stands Out!

Using humour effectively in your business, branding, and customer management exercises, can make your business and your brand stand out, and help you create a loyal customer base. A good laugh inspires positive energy and who doesn’t want to be a part of something that’s positive!


A good laugh helps create an upbeat atmosphere encouraging creative ideas, interaction, and innovative thinking. All these factors come together to provide more productivity at work. More productivity means more motivation to grow, which would also inspire those working around you, forming one big circle of a productive workplace.

Introduce laughter in your work culture

Lead by example

Be capable of laughing at your own mistakes without taking yourself too seriously at all times. This will encourage your team members to be able to open up and be more creative, innovative, and risk-taking with their performance, and improve productivity at the workplace.

Do not make jokes on your employees. Punch Yourself!

An environment that promotes creativity

Add elements and exercises in the workplace that will help promote light-hearted creativity and moments for employees. For instance, you can add a whiteboard in the office where team members can doodle around and share their thoughts and jokes. This will not only help them bring out the creativity in them but also give a good laugh to everyone around.

Introduce Coworking

Introduce your team to the concept of coworking. A coworking space provides flexibility and tons of other benefits like productivity, networking opportunities, collaboration opportunities, and access to a number of interesting events. The coworking culture can instill positivity and happiness in your team, giving them reasons to laugh more.

Entertainment at the workplace

Arrange team outings and activities to add an entertainment break from the routine of the workplace. This entertainment time will not only give the employees a break but also help them bond with each other.

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