Top 6 Leadership Quotes from Avengers Infinity War

There is more to superheroes than being gifted and fighting evil. They are gifted humans with real emotions and the emotional quotient they work on every day, to become the excellent leaders they are. Superheroes have a way of inspiring you to become one in your own accord. They push you to recognise your strengths, overcome your weaknesses, and find the integrity to make a decision that is right. Here are some of the best quotes from the Avenger Infinity War which will have you walk out of the movie, a better leader.

Avengers-Infinity War had a lot more to it than our superheroes fighting against the Mad Titan Thanos. While the action sequences had your adrenaline rising, the life lessons from our favourite superheroes were nothing less than inspiring.

avengers infinity war quotes

Thor loses everything and moves ahead to do what he “needs to”, more than anybody else. He grows as a person with every loss he faces, instead of falling behind and mulling over everything wrong that has happened to him. He is brave and tries to save whatever is left, till the ultimate “only if I die” moment.

“Listen more, talk less”. This is neither new nor overrated.

Always be aware of how much you talk. Do not be the one to take over a conversation. Do not be the one because of whom inconsequential discussions take place without actually arriving at a plan of action.

Recognise when you need to talk and when it is time to do nothing but listen. Shift your focus from “discussion” to “action”.


avengers infinity war quotes

Loki does not give up to do the right thing until the very end, even when that meant having to give up saving himself. He tried to stop Thanos till his last breath and portrayed his commitment towards doing everything in his power, for the greater good.

Do not get caught up in the rigidity of success and failures. Everything must be considered as an experience, be it success, failure, setback, or stagnation.

As a leader, it is important to change your perspective towards your achievements and your failures. Treat everything as a milestone and an experience, and you will find yourself and your team moving forward, without feeling unsure or demotivated.

avengers infinity war quotes

Maybe Spiderman was not a leader in the space battle, but he was the one with excellent and out-of-the-box ideas. He gave his 100% to every fight he had, without ever even considering to give up or give in.

There is no leader without a team that follows.

It is a leader’s responsibility to think about those who are following him. Make sure you have a team of happy members who are willing to follow your lead and are growing because of it.


avengers infinity war quotes

One does not have to have special powers to be a superhero. Even without superpowers, Okoye stands in line with some of the most powerful superheroes to fight for the universe.

Recognise the talents and skills of every team member and use them well. A leader must be well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of his team members and provide them with the right opportunities to exploit and explore their skill-set to the fullest, and overcome their weaknesses effectively.


avengers infinity war quotes

Doctor Strange managed to stay absolutely level-headed through a series of harrowing events. He was the one who gave those around hope till the last minute. He was also the one that looked out for his team members (IronMan) without a second of doubt.

Do not be the one with the herd mentality and encourage your team members to be the same.

Be a leader who has an opinion and speaks for themselves and encourages others in the organization to be able to speak their mind. Not every opinion is going to be right or entertained, but having one is always better than having none at all!


While everyone in the company counts, it is unrealistic to be able to include everyone in the story at all times. You must realize that some members of your team will fit better in certain “stories” than others.

As a leader, it will be your responsibility to make this decision every now and then, and help your team understand this without feeling demotivated or cut off.


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