Top 6 Benefits of Coworking with Strangers

To move or not to move on to a coworking space – if that is a dilemma you are facing as a freelancer, it is worth considering these top 6 benefits of coworking with strangers.

Being an independent worker, a contractor, or a freelancer does not mean you have to work in a vacuum created within the confines of your home or your coffee shop. Whether or not working out of a coworking space is beneficial for freelancers is an ongoing debate, and we are here to help you resolve just that!

  • Networking and collaborating

Coworking provides the opportunity to network and collaborate with ambitious professionals. Being in proximity of this new-know-how helps you find and pick something that could be useful for your field of work, and learning about related industries.

  • Break out of your comfort zone

Sitting next to someone from a different field or with a different skill-set can help you develop and explore new ideas. Bringing in new ideas into something you have been doing, gets a fresh perspective into the work and the end result.

Breaking out of your comfort zone and delving into fresh ideas and solutions is the impact of working alongside strangers.

  • Making full use of your coworking space

As a freelancer, you can make complete use of a coworking space by having access to proper meeting rooms for your clients, and have your mails and packages delivered on the workspace address.

  • Avoiding loneliness

Working out of the comfort of your home or a coffee shop for a long time can have an isolating effect on you. Coworking is the perfect answer to this problem of loneliness, even if it ends up you working alongside complete strangers. A coworking space has the potential to form a great community of like-minded people with similar goals.

  • Reducing uncertainty

The distractions of your home and the uncertainty of working out of a coffee shop, can get completely eliminated with a certain and a proper functioning space to work. There is no need to worry about the WiFi connectivity or the privacy of your phone calls. You can direct your effort and attention productively towards your work.

  • Ability to meet clients in a professional setting

Accessibility to well -furnished and well-equipped meeting rooms and conference rooms at the coworking space for conducting meetings with your clients is an opportunity you, as a freelancer, would not get working out of your home or a cafe. Conducting your meetings in a professional setting can certainly add value to the impression you are trying to make for your potential and existing clients.

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