Warning! You are Losing Money In Your Office

You are losing money by working in your office, and the debate of office vs coworking from a monetary perspective is needed more than ever! Can you save money by coworking? Operating out of a traditional working space takes a lot more than signing a lease. There is the need to equip the space with the basic amenities and facilities to function effectively, and their maintenance. All in all, setting up and maintaining an office brings in a huge budgetary concern for a business, big and small.

Coworking is THE perfect solution in these cases!

A coworking space is helping entrepreneurs across the globe save money and avail loads of benefits, all at the same time.

Whether you are an independent professional, a startup, an SME, or a big corporate, you are losing money by not using coworking for your business.

Before we dive further in, let us take a look at these interesting numbers.

Office expense vs Coworking expense


Office vs Coworking

How Coworking Can Help You Save Money

Lease Cost

Leasing an office space can have a huge impact on the cost of running your business. Broker charges, deposit, permits, and the basic lease, without necessarily having the leisure to be able to work from a location of your choice, is just the beginning.

How coworking is solving the problem of lease cost

All you need to do, as a business, is get in touch with a coworking space at a location of your choice. Establish your requirements, review the price involved, without having to incur any brokerage, deposit, or infrastructural expenses.

Coworking at InstaOffice provides businesses, the opportunity to work from some of the prime locations in Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, and Gandhinagar.


Internet connectivity, phone, furnishing, and security, are few of the basic necessities that can eat into, and impact your budget in a way you cannot imagine.

How coworking is solving the problem of logistics

A coworking space eliminates the concern of these basic facilities and includes the cost of everything you could possibly need at a single monthly price. All you need to do is walk into your office, get comfortable, and get working.

The monthly price you would pay towards space and the logistics at a coworking space would be way less than what you would incur otherwise.


Let’s say your business is flourishing and growing by the day. Inevitably, you would have to ensure the size of your team grows with the business, which would call for moving into a bigger place. No entrepreneur would want to spend time and money on getting a new lease, moving, and redecorating, when he could be directing that time and money towards the further growth of his business.

How coworking solves the problem of flexibility

When operating out of coworking space, all you need to do is rent out more workspace for your growing team. Similarly, if you are looking to downsize the team, you would just have to cut down on the coworking space you are renting and cut down your business expense in the process.

Time is Money

Time is money!

Handling leases, dealing with vendors, and maintenance issues can eat up a lot of your time and resources. These little things consume the time which you could have spent somewhere more productive, probably earning money.

How coworking is solving the problem of time

A coworking space relieves you from the responsibility of having to put in time towards the incidental headaches related to running and maintaining a fully-functional office. It gives you the luxury of utilizing your time productively and to the fullest.

How Coworking Can Help You Make Money

The answer is simple.

If you want to achieve better communication and networking for your business, and have a productive work environment, a coworking space will be more than just another workspace for you.

Working with a community of like-minded and talented professionals and collaborating with them, can provide a new insight and perspective to your business. A coworking space is equipped with people and facilities to find new leads, resources, and partners for your business.

The excellent synergy opportunity that a coworking space provides is no less than a money-making scheme.


Whether you are a startup, a freelancer, or a corporate, this is the time to save your money!

Visit any InstaOffice center of your choice in Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, or Gandhinagar, and become a part of the coworking community.

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