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Rise of chatbots - Pokemon Go

 This is a guest blog post by Pratik Jain from Morph.ai, which were the winner of InstaOffice Unwind Sessions#4 that took place at our coworking space in sector-32, Gurgaon.

People make awesome stuff all the time. Incredible inventions are changing our lives everyday and everyday we find ourselves in amusement.

Revolutionary things are happening around us and we at Morph.ai are thrilled to be a part of one such amazing segment of technology taking birth in the tech space, the ‘Chatbots’.

Change in user trends - growth of chatbots

It’s a paradigm shift that the world is witnessing, the kind of shift we saw when the internet came into existence or the shift that we saw when mobile apps took over the world. These shifts are seen once every decade and everything was in the right place for us to be amongst the harbingers of chatbots into the world.

We were wrong !

We have been building Morph.ai, a platform to build chatbots for around 6 months now. We have built some really powerful technology, better than anything else out there. What we didn’t know was how to reach people. We never gave a serious thought to it and felt we were doing fine without it..

We had customers, a product and we knew how to improve it. We didn’t see the need to put in additional efforts. We were wrong!

PokemonGo Bot was a fun activity. It was 4-5 days after the game’s release. We were on our evening walk, discussing what a good bot should be like while Ishan, a gaming enthusiast, was busy swiping his finger over his mobile screen. He suddenly came up with the concept of a PokemonGo Bot that would help the players while playing the game. It sounded like the bot might have potential use but in the past we had always created bots for the use of businesses and never a just-for-fun bot. It would be an investment of time, time which can be utilized in making bots for more customers. Should we do such investment was the question of the hour.

Screen flow of Pokemon Go

Our one focus at that point was to gain customers. This seemed like the right move. Ishan decided to give it 3 hours and see how it looks and with the platform we had in place, he was done in two. We gave it a few test runs, enhanced a few things and launched it the next night.

World #3

When we woke up the following morning we were amazed. Hundreds of people had used the bot and thousands of messages flew in. We were pretty glad. We posted the bot on Product hunt and a few fan pages we found. The effect of that was overwhelming. We saw a burst in the activities on the bot. Around 10 thousand people tried the bot in the next 2 days. We did a server update to keep up with the pace.

The users of the game were increasing like crazy, soon to cross Twitter in terms of daily users. The users of our bot were increasing the same, shooting over any other bot we had built.

Amazing things started happening from day 3 onwards. We were listed in many bot ranking lists, the best rank being #3. Suggestions were flowing in continuously and we released first upgrade of the bot on day 4 with another few hours of work. We figured out a few days later that people had independently published articles on this bot and there even ran a 30 min podcast focussing on the PokemonGo Bot itself. We came to know of it through google alerts!

Many businesses from different countries contacted us to become customers, some of them being really huge companies.

None of us could have imagined that a few hours of effort could give us so much traction and so much positivity. Today the bot has served more than 200000 messages and has a user return rate of 28%.

Here are a few pointer on what I learned from this experience :

  • Always have the key goals on top of your mind and make all decisions with that perspective.
  • Keep an eye out for what’s happening in the world, new possibilities come from unexpected places.
  • When running a startup, be open to experiments.
This is a guest blog post by Pratik Jain from Morph.ai. Morph.ai is an end-to-end solution that empowers companies to make their services available over conversation-based interfaces using natural language understanding and artificial intelligence. You can read more about them on their blog

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