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Hola and welcome to our blog. Here’s where you’ll find the latest news and updates on a healthy and happy working environment.

Apart from timely updates of our new offices, we’d also be sharing our thoughts on the evolving real estate industry and interviews with members from the InstaOffice community (which is growing continuously).

As for this post, we’d like to take the opportunity to briefly paint our journey up till here.

Who are we?

InstaOffice eponymously aims to resolve the productivity problem of the working urban population by providing customized office spaces, instantly. Not only do we ensure that the workplace is tailored to your specific needs and requirements, we guarantee an indistinguishable happy and productive work environment.

How it came about?

More than a eureka moment idea, InstaOffice came about as a logical and indispensable solution for our co-founders’ problems.

Pursuing his entrepreneurial aspirations, Vikas Lakhani (one of our co-founders) was struggling to set up an office. The whole process of connecting with brokers, viewing properties, negotiating lease terms and then furnishing and running an office was not only inefficient but also very expensive. And this problem heightened if you had a small team. Long term lock-ins, inconvenient locations and the hassles of daily maintenance, just added to the lot.   

Coincidentally, Devendra Agrawal (second co-founder), too had similar futile experiences in finding an appropriate workplace for himself in Delhi-NCR and Mumbai to suit his budget and location.

It was to resolve this problem for themselves that Vikas started a business center in Delhi in mid-2013, with an aim for providing a long term economically viable office space solution to all kinds of office seekers. InstaOffice is just an extension of that vision.

InstaOffice: the Idea

Originating as a solution to our own problems, we at InstaOffice try to ensure that no one else has to face the hassles we did.

With a cinch and practical technology in place, we aim to do away with all the efforts of finding and maintaining an ideal workplace for any group of people. Whether it is a private cabin for a small lot or a conference hall for a large team, we have them all tailored to your requirements.

We strongly believe that happy working spaces are the most productive ones. Our entire team (be it the community manager, receptionist, cafe staff, etc) work towards giving you a consistent happy experience.

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