Facebook Business Page – Is it right for your business?

In the midst of the hyperactive social media market scene, whether or not Facebook marketing is the right path for you is difficult to determine. InstaOffice brings to you important tips to understand everything you need to know about Facebook Business Page and if it is right for your business.

Opportunities on Facebook are endless, not just to build your personal network, but also for the benefit of your business, big or small. It is an important channel that helps you market yourself and your business in relevant circles. Businesses use Facebook to market and create leads, and sales people use it to keep in touch with existing and potential customers.

Do you need a separate Facebook Business account?

Whether or not you need a separate Facebook account for your business depends on your business and marketing goals. A business page on Facebook does different things for different people, businesses, and goals.

Facebook for a Salesperson – builds network, builds credibility, increases referrals, and closes leads.

Facebook for an Entrepreneur – similar goals to a salesperson.

Facebook for a B2C – a business that sells to consumers can establish brand awareness and interest, build a community, for traffic, leads, and sales.

Facebook for a B2B – a business that sells to business has similar goals to a B2C, but with limited possible strategies on Facebook.

Facebook for a Non-Profit – builds awareness, interest, support, participation, and even donations.

Before establishing whether or not you need a separate Facebook account for your business, it is important to identify and determine your business goals and line of strategy.

Facebook Business Page – The Basics

To market a business on Facebook, you need to build a Facebook Business page. A business page has the benefit of Facebook Ads for promotion of your page and your posts, and to drive users to your page, your website, and generate leads. This facility is of course not available on a personal Facebook account.

The only reason you will need a personal account on Facebook in this case, is to be the Admin of your business page and be able to manage and monitor it.

The right option here is to have your personal account on Facebook as the administrative account for your business page, without having to depend on an outsider to manage your page or be able to operate it.

InstaOffice Tip for Facebook Business Page

When you create a personal Facebook account to manage your business page, use an email address with the domain name of your company. This will not only give more credibility to the page, but will also lend you absolute control of the page.

Facebook Business for Salesperson and Entrepreneur

As a salesperson or an entrepreneur, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself before determining whether or not you need a Facebook Business account.

You are new and do not know what to do

If you are new to this whole concept and do not know what to do, start by using a personal Facebook account for your business page. Fill in all the necessary information, including your business contact information. When you do this, you can give public access to your profile without worrying about your personal contact details being misused. Having a public profile will ensure you can be easily found by prospective customers and clients.

You have a big Facebook network on your personal profile

If you already have a huge network on your personal Facebook account, you can absolutely use your personal account for your business purposes. All you need to ensure while doing that is to represent your business and brand in a professional manner, as you would to a potential customer.

You want to drive and close leads

If you want to use social media as your referral engine to increase your sales, you must use the facility of Facebook ads. This step comes after you have established your brand and have a website in place with regular and engaging blog content.

You need to set a budget for Facebook ads, starting with a small amount and increasing it as you start to get the hang of it.

Facebook Business for Non-Profits

Facebook is an excellent platform if you are a non-profit whose target is to spread awareness, get volunteers, and land donations. If you are a novice and the only one representing your non-profit, it is recommended to start off with your personal Facebook account instead of a proper business page.

This will ensure you can drive enough people from your existing network and build the awareness thereon. Once you have managed to build enough awareness about your non-profit, you can either convert your profile into a business page or create a new business page.

If you are a non-profit that is more advanced, you can start off by building a new business page


Establish how you want to represent yourself and your business on all social media platforms and plan ahead accordingly.

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