Diwali celebrations at our centres

As the festive season draws near, it sweeps everyone in the wave of happiness and we at InstaOffice found yet another reason to celebrate. This Diwali, we took advantage of the festivities and did something of our own to celebrate Diwali with the family we have in our spaces. While the sight of lamps and flowers greeted you at the door, it were the ethnic dresses that were the real eye catcher. Not just the dress code, but there was a lot more up the team’s sleeves.

The pop

With balloons everywhere, the team began the celebrations with a balloon activity. The *pop* of the balloon was to be followed by an introduction of the person along with their best/craziest Diwali memory.

After the session, we do not hesitate to say that we have some daredevils working in our spaces. While someone scarred someone for life by making them break a commode,  someone got all the wooden dustbins changed to metal ones forever. Someone went to jail, while someone got the Cobra police running after boys in front of the girls school for long. It just kept getting better!

Find some of the best stories we came across on our facebook page – Member Stories


Many put their thoughts on the wall of testimonials that we named #MemberSpeak, and indulged themselves in fun conversations and delicious bhel puri and gulab jamun.

For the InstaOffice team, it just went onto a whole new level when the girls decided to have some fun with the boss!

Devendra Kumar Aggarwal - cofounder InstaOffice

With all this, the day came to an end with the essence of festivities still looming in the air and hopes of everyone having a beautiful Diwali. Everyone went home with something more than just a gift – an amazing experience!

We at InstaOffice believe that office spaces are much more than a desk, these are places where people spend a major part of their day. Hence our team constantly thrives to make sure that we make offices happy for our members. In case you are looking for an office space in Gurgaon or know someone who is, let them know about us. We are available at www.instaoffice.in or +91 995 856 3555

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