A Guide to Breathing Easy


Did it hurt? The smoke, the dust – forcing its way down your throat in process of the necessity we call “breathing”. No? Then I invite you to imagine taking a drive with the windows rolled down – just like in the movies. Imagine, and then ask yourself if isn’t borderline self-destruction today. Did it hurt now? This calls for a desperate need to a guide to breathing easy. 


It’s important we understand what’s going on before we . Delhi’s AQI (Air Quality Index) recently witnessed a drop to 355, which is alarmingly dangerous. While certainly there are other measures and studies keeping track of air quality, this is one of the most important ones due to it’s employment in day to day measurement of how “breathable” the air is around us. While some say that it is the burning of paddy that flared pollution up to such levels, crackers didn’t certainly do any favours to the situation.

Check out the real time air quality index at your in your city here.

A few products to help you breathe easy

Here are a few things you can use to help yourself breathe easy.


Air Quality Monitors and Air Purifiers

Air quality monitors and Air Purifiers are one of the best ways to help you take control of the air quality around you and make it better. Purifiers by Kurin and Smart Air come with the ability to handle PM 2.5 and PM 10 – one of the main causes of the smog. Perfect for a cleaner indoor air. You can order a demo by Kurin to get a sense of how it works before purchasing. Smart Air has a series of Laser Egg Air Quality Monitor, which displays the air quality in AQI and mass concentration. Long battery life makes it handy to walk around and know the quality of the air you’re breathing. They also have a range of Air Masks and Filters!



Kurin Air Purifiers Smart Air: Laser Egg Air Quality Monitor


Air Masks

Indoor are sorted – what about outdoors? Make sure you do not step out without multi-layered anti-pollution masks – which filter out dust, pollens, fumes, germs, allergen, etc. Good news for the fashion police- they come in a variety of colours and patterns! Trendy and safe! Buy amazing ones at OnMask, a Hyderabad-based startup helping us tackle the problem of air pollution effectively.

Nasal Filters

For those who are comfortable wearing masks, these devices are a great – almost invisible and effective! Buy them here.

Car Purifiers

Perfect for those who spend a lot of time in their cars. Purify the air inside to help you breathe easy. Check them out here.


What they’re doing

While aforementioned startups have done their bit in helping us tackle this problem, there are a few more which are a must to know about! Take a look:


Solar Hippo

Solar Hippo is India’s first Solar and Clean Energy Online marketplace. Owing to the alarmingly rising rate of air pollution over the past few years, they recently introduced Air Filters – starting at just INR 4,500. They are already running out of stock!


Bangalore-based HelpChat provides alerts ­when the air quality drops below a certain threshold, AQI ratings ranging from 0 (safe) to 500 – helping you effortlessly and continuously monitor air quality around you.

Check out a few more apps which help you monitor air quality here.


Your personal healthcare expert! Aurrasure gives updates regarding the environment around you, and suggests ways for you to breathe easy. It also offers the least polluted route to your destination. Maps which are healthcare experts!

Your turn!

They did their bit – but there’s more we need to do.  The following suggestions stem from the need for us to make our surroundings “breathable” again. Baby steps – as they say!

As PayTM founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma says – “Right now it’s 5 states’ problem. Later it will be 50 states’.  It’s our choice whether we want to thrive or keep struggling to survive!

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