Breaking Stereotypes at Women’s Day: Watch How

Why are you crying? Are you a girl?

Why are you dressed like a tomboy?

Gender bias has been ingrained in our society and our minds, with the discrimination and the stereotypes settling in right from the time of birth. Rules and restrictions for men and women are poles apart, with a society-made handout of justifications.


Every person belonging to either of the genders is expected to mould into a predefined role and follow the instruction manual that comes with that role.

If you are a woman, you don’t have to be a good daughter, but also, a good wife, a homemaker, and a mother. There is absolutely nothing that should make you give up any of these roles in your lifetime.

Being a man, you have to be career-oriented and bring home the money, to avoid bearing the brunt of gossips and ridicule from people.

Who made these rules and why? Does, not abiding by these rules make you any less of a man or any less of a woman?

Awareness of gender bias is spreading at a steady pace but is it going to take a lot of time for it to seep into the system and bring about a sense of change. This Women’s Day, we at InstaOffice, moved in the direction with our attempt to Break The Stereotype.

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