How to keep your employees happy and stop them from leaving

How to keep your employees happy | InstaOffice blog

Booming startups and their need to attract the best talent have strengthened the perception of money not being the sole source of employee satisfaction. Rather, it’s the little things the company does which add value to it!

Companies are increasingly becoming people-centric and the adoption of employee platforms is on the rise. Only some minor adjustments can easily achieve the happiness of a company. It is always beneficial for the founder to define the organisation’s work culture pre-emptively so that they don’t have to face future tussles within the system.


Get your employees to have a little fun

Employees always need to unwind after a long day at work. Even during office hours it can become quite monotonous for anyone to sit working on their desk the entire day.


Socialisation is an absolute key to finding happiness. Compose your office in such a way that people have a chance to interact with each other. Personal happiness implies an idea of welfare as a whole – which means taking care of your staff not only as some soldier ant but as a human being. Here are some examples of how your start-up can effectively achieve personal well-being:

  • Celebrate holidays and other occasions, go for group outings, encourage more group tasks and volunteer programs. You can also encourage teams to celebrate birthdays, retirements and welcoming newcomers.

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  • Have photos of your team on a wall, or frame them around the office. Group photos, funny photos, events photos or random photos snapped when people weren’t watching. It’s a cultural element that can encourage and foster work relationships and employee engagement.

Try some unusual employee engagement ideas. Automobile marketplace Droom recently organised a 90-minute cake fight for employees as ‘break-out’ time. Nothing can break ice better.

Listen to them

Don’t boss around every time. Be a leader and help employees achieve their goals. Don’t push them too much; ask them for their inputs. And never forget to blend in with their creativity. Make them realise that small moves can actually make a difference. A creative mind is a happy mind.

Listen to your employees | InstaOffice

  • Take your team out for coffee or beer after work. An informal setting would go a long way towards bringing down those barriers and encourage free flow of thought. Your work would be more productive than ever.
  • Make yourself available – Don’t be invisible. Peep into your employees’ work and ask them how they are doing. Make yourself available in case they need you.

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  • A survey by shows that a mere time off for a small ‘Thank you’ can make your employees happy.
  • This should go both ways. Ask about their own experience and issues while working in your organisation. Reflect on their inputs and take necessary steps.
  • Have an open door policy in the office. Employees should not be made to feel that their boss does not have time for them. If you have a small start-up just do away with formalities all together. 
  • Point out to them the value that their work is adding to the overall scheme of the organisation.

Home Décor platform LivSpace organized a 48 hour design hackathon for their employees where the designers were asked to create beautiful imagery out of the 1,000 photographs given to them.  The event included tons of beer and pizza. Their inputs were used to revamp the company website, the result being that number of visitors shot up from the earlier 3,000 to 10,000.


Show them you care

To stick to your company employees should want to work at your office too. They need to witness that there is potential for them to grow holistically in your company and for this you need to focus on their work-place well-being as well.

  • Reward them – Encourage your employees to achieve their goals and reward them when do so. This will motivate them to work harder and reap benefits.
  • Give them tickets for their favourite actor’s movie or tickets to a match they are excited about.
American Express India has a ‘Reward Blue’ program that enables leaders and employees to recognize each other. It works across business units, band levels and rewards great work and effort. 
  • Give them a vacation and tickets to visit their hometown. Your employee would surely see how much you care.
  • Even a small amount of bonus during holidays and festivals would go a long way to make the happy.

Philips India recently introduced extended maternity leave, higher adoption leave and even sabbaticals of six months and one year, depending on the number of years of service.

  • Use newsletters to highlight employees who have performed well
  • Provide a flexible maternity leave as well as give options for paternal and adoption leave:  It’s a great way of acknowledging the company’s sensitivity towards the employee’s situation and telling them that “We care”.

Have faith

Among the three points, this one is a bit if a challenge in terms of application in practical life. Not everyone can understand everyone’s mental state easily. But with a little bit of effort, you can implement it effectively. Once you hire people for your company, you need to have faith in them. Show confidence in them, ease off their nervousness and let them work freely. Don’t overestimate the cost of small failures.


  • Ask them questions – Ask your employees how they are, or how they are doing and listen actually. A good listener can be the greatest friend. Let them express their concerns which will eventually make them feel better.
  • Give them breaks – Give your employees strategic breaks during work hours. Even taking a 10 minute break from monotonous work can lift boredom and increase productivity.
  • Assign a buddy/mentor for every newcomer
  • Don’t be judgmental – And last but not the least, don’t be judgmental. Don’t judge your employees by their deeds quickly. Read them carefully, stretch a hand for help and make them stand on their foot when they are low. Learn to give second chances and make them know they did not disappoint you

It does not take a lot of time

Now that we have stressed so much on how to keep your employees happy, we also know that  taking out time to manage a growing team when you don’t have dedicated people for that can be a task in itself. Here is a list of tools/guides to get you quickly started on it.

  • – Made by the people behind 37Signals, this tool would automate the process of getting feedback from your team, introducing new members and keep everyone updated about others.
  • – A tool that takes 5 minutes to setup and provides the simplest way to measure employee satisfaction and gives you 
actionable tips to enjoy a better workplace.
  • Take a look at these handy guides that have some amazing tips and tricks to use in your workplace.
  • When I Work compiled a list of epic team building games that you can start using from day zero. Take a look at this list here –
These are some sure shot ways to make your employees happy and your business boom. You just need to make sure that you and your employees see eye to eye when it comes to the company values. Rest everything will itself fall into place.

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