SEO Round Table Discussion – InstaOffice Unwind Session

On May 9th 2017, InstaOffice, in association with Growisto conducted an invite-only round table discussion on Search Engine Optimisation in our Coworking Centre at 100 Ft road, Bangalore where leading online businesses and upcoming startups from Bangalore came together and dived into the fundas of Google rankings.

The discussion was led by, Kiran Patil (Founder, Growisto), who has over 11 years of experience in SEO. They have helped clients like OyoRooms, RichFeel, Toppr, CoverFox, Bewakoof, NoBroker by providing SEO consultation and implementation. Kiran also owns a website which gets 4 million monthly visits without any marketing spend.

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IO Dutching the Patriarchy

International Women’s day is celebrated all around the world as a sign for women still working towards gender equality. At InstaOffice, we bring together people from different walks of life and enhance their experience of coworking. The best way to network and collaborate at a coworking space are through their events and  InstaOffice, as the happiest coworking space, couldn’t wait for a better occasion to call upon 5 brilliant women who dared to have a dream and fight against all odds to achieve them.

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InstaOffice Power Couple

Who said Valentine’s Day needs to be all mushy and lovey dovey?

Keeping in mind the “single” population, Instaoffice decided to hold an event giving people real #CoupleGoals.

The characters of these fairy tales include RahulPallavi and Vinayak-Archana

InstaOffice - 3               InstaOffice - 5 (1)

The fact that Pallavi came to Mumbai when she first met Rahul sparked an interesting conversation on how Mumbai has been seen as a city. From Pallavi having described it once as “thakela” to Mumbai’s neutrality and freedom being one of the things Vinayak and Archana love, it was fun to see them embrace both sides of the coin.

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InstaOffice Startup Pitch Grind

What a beginning for InstaOffice in Bengaluru! InstaOffice just launched 2 centres in Bengaluru in the heart of the city – Indiranagar, and to announce our arrival we called over industry experts and senior entrepreneurs to take part in our Startup Roast. In fact, with the current discussions of agreements and disagreements between founders and investors, we decided to let the startup world get a sneak-peek into what really happens during a board room discussion.

To say that we had an overwhelming response from the community would be underwhelming. The InstaOffice Pitch Roast was attended by more than 200 people including industry experts, senior entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts in the startup ecosystem. Yes – you read it right!

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Startup Panel Discussion With Columbia Business School

It is always an amazing feeling when we open our space to leading founders and entrepreneurs for an insightful discussion. Yesterday was one such day when we hosted Columbia Business School for a Panel Discussion. The Panel consisted of Jainesh Sinha (Co-founder, GyanDhan), Mudit Goel (Co-founder, Groots), Raghav Verma (Founder, Chaayos), and Vikas Lakhani (Co-Founder, InstaOffice). 

With anything in India usually starting 10-20 minutes late, it was a pleasant surprise when all our guests showed up 15 minutes early! The students had a fun networking session over tea and cookies before they settled for the session.

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Startup Europe India Visit Startup meetup at our coworking space

Startup Europe India Network (SEU-IN), a tech-corridor connecting the European & Indian digital markets, organized an European tech ecosystem delegation to visit the Delhi/NCR and Bengaluru startup hubs 17-20 October 2016.
As a part of SEU-IN’s Visit Startup India Journey, we held a pitching and networking session on 17th October at our Coworking space in Sector-32, Gurgaon.

We being passionate about building happy offices, is also very enthusiastic about connecting the great community we have on board. As an attempt to this, We recently partnered with Startup Europe Network to bring together startups and investors both from the European and the Indian ecosystem, especially in the field of IoT, Data Analytics, Smart cities and Artifical Intelligence.

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Unwind Session #3 – Women Entrepreneurs

InstaOffice’s third Unwind Session at our coworking facility in Gurgaon sector-32 was an even bigger hit than the previous two. This session was focused on Women Entrepreneurs, and featured many high-achieving women in the list of speakers, each with their own set of experiences and learning to share. The audience got a lot to mull over while interacting with each speaker in turn. The session also coincided with the launch of InstaOffice’s newest property—a lovely, beautifully lit space in Sector 32, Gurgaon.

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InstaOffice Unwind Session #2 – Q&A with startup founders

Our Unwind Sessions have really come to be all we had hoped for. Engaging member conversations, summing up the entire week’s challenges and accomplishments plus expert advice from startup idols, it really is the best way to end a workweek.

Discussions over chai

Startup founders meet - InstaOffice Unwind Sessions

Our first unwind session at our centre in Iris Tech park, Sohna Road, Gurgoan was especially memorable as it marked the beginning of a knowledge sharing network at InstaOffice. The evening was perked up by the brain-stimulating conversations with Talvinder Singh, Product Head – OYO rooms and Vartika Bansal – Experience at OYO rooms, Rahul Dalia – Founder LofferZ – Gurgaon, Jayati Agarwal – PR professional and Vivek Subramanian- Founder, ExamVictor.

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InstaOffice Unwind Sessions #1 – With Tpot Cafe

It would have been a regular, dull Friday afternoon, and here at InstaOffice we never have a dull moment! We know how hard you work and how difficult it can be to catch even a small break sometimes, so we decided to host a tea session to unwind and luckily the weather was also on our side. Our friends from Tpot Cafe made us have their signature kulhad chai, masala black teas, sandwiches, nachos and the oh so amazing cupcakes.
Thoughtful conversation happen when people from different backgrounds and experiences discuss about the common problems they face within their teams. From finding the right communication platform to the issue of finding the right tech people; these issues are faced in more or less every team and each experiments with their own solutions. We feel that collaboration amongst startups could lead to a community where everyone can learn from each others learnings. The essence lies in keeping these discussion focussed over the exact issue and keeping them short (as we are all usually short on time). Here with these unwind sessions at InstaOffice, we are trying to build a platform to enable this community. You will see more interesting conversations from us in the future, and we hope to see you at our next unwind session on 24th of June. Special thanks to TPOT Cafe, Talvinder Singh – Product Head – OYO rooms and Vartika Bansal – Experience at OYO rooms, Rahul Dalia – Founder LofferZ – Gurgaon, Vivek Subramanian- Founder ExamVictor, Jayati Agarwal – PR professional.