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When does an office make sense for a Startup?

If there is one aspect of work that is changing, then it is expansion.There was a time, when expanding your company and getting your own office space meant, an entire floor, meetings inside a cabin, and small talks by the coffee machine. Digital age has changed our concept of office space with startups thriving without physical space for their companies. Some companies have done away with their offices completely, but undoubtedly, some businesses wouldn’t be able to survive without one.

So, it comes down to one question: does your startup really “need” an office?

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If Bahubali were a Startup

By now I’m pretty sure, everyone has watched Bahubali and reveled at the marvel of the movie’s action sequence and the brilliant screenplay. Keeping aside the glamour, don’t you think a Kingdom is very much an enterprise. For me, it reminded me of the various startups that flits in and out of our coworking space.

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We are making Mahishmathi, the kingdom, the startup that all of them strive to protect. Mahishmathi Kingdom is a living soul in the ecosystem. The startup has its own character, grace, and grandeur – it is the most central character of the plot. All the stakeholders are taken care of, and they work towards protecting the startup kingdom and its glory. The startup is marketed brilliantly, with branding of its logo and its environment

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5 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

Through all times, sometimes what gives us a life into the life of entrepreneurs will usually be movies. These are some movies that we think all entrepreneurs should definitely watch that will completely change the way you think and act!

1) The Pursuit of Happyness

What should you do when your back is up against the wall? If you’re Chris Gardner, the founder of private brokerage firm Gardner Rich & Co., you just work harder than you ever did.This biopic about Gardner’s life puts light on how the entrepreneur struggled with homelessness while raising his son as a single father in San Francisco. After his career as a salesman selling bone density scanners came to an end, Gardner was homeless, lived in shelters while he fought to get an internship as a stockbroker.

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5 Books That Will Change Every Entrepreneurs Life!

f there’s one common denominator that a lot of successful entrepreneurs share, it would be them taking the time to invest in themselves.

For one thing, they read books—lots of them! Mark Zuckerberg made it his New Year’s resolution to read a new book every other week with the intent of learning different histories, beliefs, cultures, and new technologies.

At this point, you’re probably wondering how he’s taking the time to read so much despite how busy he is running such a massive company, so what kind of excuse do we have for not reading?

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Rise of chatbots - Pokemon Go 1

PokmemonGo Bot – The right thing at the right time

 This is a guest blog post by Pratik Jain from, which were the winner of InstaOffice Unwind Sessions#4 that took place at our coworking space in sector-32, Gurgaon.

People make awesome stuff all the time. Incredible inventions are changing our lives everyday and everyday we find ourselves in amusement.

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