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Indian Startups - The Changing Game 0

Indian Startups – The Changing Game

India ranks third in the number of Tech startups around the world. Today, it is the hub for over 56000 startups. The question arises as to where and how do accelerators and incubators come into the picture for this exponential growth of the Indian startup ecosystem.

Startup Fund by Rajasthan Government 0

Framework for ₹500 crores Startup Fund by Rajasthan Government

Framework for ₹500 crores Startup Fund by the Rajasthan Government has been announced. The government has launched a framework through which, it shall provide equity funding and loans to startups based in Rajasthan. This intends to ensure that the funds are specially set aside for green startups and women entrepreneurs.

Mobigraph Xpresso Digital Communication 0

Mobigraph XPRESSO – The Next Revolution in Digital Communication

Digital communication is growing and how! Despite the dependency on digital communication for personal as well as professional uses, it has been limited to texts, punctuations, pictures, and static smileys. These are the numbered ways in which you can try to give meaning and expression to the messages you send across. To make digital communication more interactive and expressive, Mobigraph XPRESSO has entered the market.

Indian Startup Events for the Week 0

Indian Startup Events This Week

Synergy leads to true development and growth, and is thereby, vital in the Indian startup ecosystem today. A number of conferences and seminars are being conducted to create these synergy opportunities for the Indian startups. InstaOffice brings to you the startup events you can attend this week –

Budget 2018 Important Highlights & Impact 0

Budget 2018 – Important Highlights

Here are the important highlights of Budget 2018 its impact on individuals, investors, and corporates.

Standard Deduction of ₹40,000

The salaried man has gotten a relief with the standard deduction of ₹40,000 on medical expenses.

Funding Support to Tech Startups Across India by the Karnataka Government 0

Funding Support to Tech Startups In India – Karnataka Government

Karnataka Government has announced its plan to start extending funds to Tech startups in the country. This tech startups funding across India is being initiated by launching a fund, exclusively for Tech startups in India. The State IT Minister, Priyank Kharge, has invited startups across the country to register in the state.

Whatsapp business feature is now available for android users in India 0

WhatsApp Business App for Android Users in India

Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp has launched a feature that will now connect small businesses with customers. This feature was initially available only to Android users in Italy, Mexico, Indonesia, UK, and the US, and was going to be made worldwide in the following weeks. This WhatsApp Business app for Android users is now available in India.