A Guide to Breathing Easy

Did it hurt? The smoke, the dust – forcing its way down your throat in process of the necessity we call “breathing”. No? Then I invite you to imagine taking a drive with the windows rolled down – just like in the movies. Imagine, and then ask yourself if isn’t borderline self-destruction today. Did it hurt now? This calls for a desperate need to a guide to breathing easy. 

Founder of 2, and a Mentor to 1 – Does Devendra Agarwal get 25 hours in a day?

Productivity is a train we are always chasing. We feel we’re close and then bam, the day ends.  It turns out that a large part of being productive lies in the simplest of things like discipline.

Devendra Agrawal, who is running two startups – InstaOffice and Dexter Capital Advisors is married to an entrepreneur, Anuradha Agarwal (Founder, Multibhashi)  and lives with his two kids in Bangalore, which is like managing 5 start-ups. What’s more, he never misses a WhatsApp text (you can test it!) and finds time to network and host multiple meetups in Bangalore. Not to mention, he is always present in our team parties and never misses the fun!

Indian Government schemes for Women Entrepreneurs

The success and scale of the current startup ecosystem is a testament of its potential which is already being recognized by the corporate industry and eminent investors. Being a woman entrepreneur brings with itself its own challenges which are being encountered by women’s sheer skill and the ability to run their own company. Many women are now ruling the startup scenario, and the Government has been pitching in with some great schemes to make this journey easier for women. Here are the Indian Government schemes for women entrepreneurs.

Is Coworking Changing the Work Culture in India?

The office space culture in India has drastically changed over time with due to the western typology that was introduced into the country in the 1990s. The evolution has been driven primarily by business and real estate shifts. The growing realization that a maturing and global Indian workforce needs a workplace that speaks for it’s ethos and morals has lead to the offices of today being more casual and flexible.