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It’s Important to Align Office Space and Office Culture

Office space and office culture, when deeply intertwined, can immensely affect employee attitude towards their company.

A 2014 study entitled ‘The relative benefits of green vs lean office space’ found that while the minimalist look might be the height of fashion, it was making most employees feel pretty low. Just adding some small personalized elements can hugely improve morale and productivity.

There was a time when a cubicle represented not drudgery and sameness, but freedom and individuality. As a reaction to this office environment, Herman Miller originated the first panel-based office plan, then called the “Action Office.” Designers Robert Probst and George Nelson intended the Action Office to be a space where efficiency and productivity could reign, without trampling the needs of the individual.

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Creative Destruction – Coworking

“New lifestyles prevail once we have replaced or “destroyed” the old ways of doing things.”

This is what we call Creative Destruction. On 10th September, 2016, Vikas Lakhani (Founder, InstaOffice) took the stage at the Coworking India Conference 2016 to shed more light upon how there could have never been a better time for Coworking to creatively destruct the Real estate Industry by creating value for both landlords and tenants.

How to keep your employees happy | InstaOffice blog 0

How to keep your employees happy and stop them from leaving

Booming startups and their need to attract the best talent have strengthened the perception of money not being the sole source of employee satisfaction. Rather, it’s the little things the company does which add value to it!

Companies are increasingly becoming people-centric and the adoption of employee platforms is on the rise. Only some minor adjustments can easily achieve the happiness of a company. It is always beneficial for the founder to define the organisation’s work culture pre-emptively so that they don’t have to face future tussles within the system.

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Startup Europe India Visit Startup meetup at our coworking space

Startup Europe India Network (SEU-IN), a tech-corridor connecting the European & Indian digital markets, organized an European tech ecosystem delegation to visit the Delhi/NCR and Bengaluru startup hubs 17-20 October 2016.
As a part of SEU-IN’s Visit Startup India Journey, we held a pitching and networking session on 17th October at our Coworking space in Sector-32, Gurgaon.

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Do’s and don’t for a coworker

With a rapid rise in cost effective and user friendly Coworking spaces, office goers are increasingly drawn to coworking in place of traditional offices. Coworking spaces come with a palette of economical benefits that are further enhanced with innovative value-adds offered by community and networking — Read more about how Coworking can be for you, here

But even the brightest of spaces can loose their gleam for some if the next-desk neighbor isn’t the cooperative kind. The secret to a happy coworking experience doesn’t just lie with the host, but is equally contributed to by the members. There is a silent set of rules, the unsaid do’s and don’ts that make the Coworking dream/deal every bit as juicy as it was intended to be.

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Why you should have friends at work ? 0

Why You Should Have Friends at Work

We live in an era when a major chunk of our daily lives is spent at our workplaces. Our workplaces become our home away from home, and our co-workers are the people that we spend most of our waking hours with.

On average, an employee spends close to 50 hours a week at work. Given that such huge chunks of our lives are being invested in work, it is clearly important to figure out ways to stay happy at work.

While there are those that argue that personal relationships in the workplace can hamper efficiency and productivity, it is equally true that spending the majority of your day without friendly faces to look at and a mountain of work to deal with can be a recipe for depression and burnout. Such a situation can only lead to employees being miserable at work, and eventually dreading the idea of going to work.

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InstaOffice Partners with Startup Europe India Network (SEU-IN) 0

InstaOffice Partners with Startup Europe India Network (SEU-IN)

InstaOffice is proud to announce itself as a Strategic Partner of Startup Europe India Network (SEU-IN). The SEU-IN, founded by Praveen Paranjothi and Mauro Romaldini, is an initiative to connect the vast pan-European and ever growing Indian startup ecosystems. At the heart of SEU-IN lies the intent to explore the untapped potential in both the European and Indian startup markets, and to enable the indigenous startups to expand beyond regional perimeters.

Much has been said about India’s market size and potential, with 3 or 4 startups being born every day. The initiative aims at unlocking this potential by providing the Indian startup ecosystem with a thriving network for exponential growth and investments.

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5 Tips to Help You Motivate Your Employees

If you are an entrepreneur with a growing business, maximizing revenues and increasing productivity is paramount to ensuring the survival of your dream project. And one of the most important things for your business is keeping your staff happy, engaged and motivated.

For a first time employer, it’s essential to understand that motivated workers are productive workers—but how do you motivate a group of employees to work hard and help your business grow?

Luckily, motivating your employees doesn’t have to consume a lot of resources. In fact, all it needs is a little effort and attention. Here are some tips to get you started.

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Why You Should Consider Coworking

Research and anecdotal evidence suggest that coworking works. Not only does it work, people actually work better in coworking spaces.

We take a look at some of the reasons why.

Improved work-life balance

We all need to step out of the grueling space of work and unwind. This argument is even more relevant given the fluid, on-call nature of work that most of us are now used to. Most of us work from multiple locations, and across multiple devices. With ever-increasing expectations, downtime is hard to come by—unless one is working out of a dedicated work space.

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The Future of Co-working: Trends, Triggers and More

Conventional 9-to-5 work days and workplaces are on their way out. While traditional organisations are increasingly adopting flexi-hours and work-from-home concepts, newer ideas such as co-workers and nomad workers are sounding the death knell for the conventional work day.

Unprecedented growth in co-working spaces

Since 2005, when the concept of co-working first had its humble origins, the concept is seeing unprecedented traction and impressive growth. According to Deskmag, there will be 10,000 new workspaces added to the existing pool by the end of 2016. More than 80% of co-working space owners around the world expect higher revenues and growth in the number of members. This, when the concept is just catching on in India and the rest of Asia!

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4 Key factors to consider when setting up a coworking space

For first-time entrepreneurs, starting a new business can be a journey fraught with problems. One of the most common among these is the issue of finding an office space which not only fits their needs, but is cost effective at the same time, ensuring that their business is financially sustainable in the long term.

Office spaces over the years have evolved from being just brick and mortar buildings to hubs of creativity, productivity and more, not only housing our work stations, but also acting as a home away from home. One of the most interesting developments in this evolution lately has been the growing popularity of co-working spaces.

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Why Working From Home doesn’t always Work?

n the face of it, working from home has its obvious charms. It promises flexible working hours, a non-existent dress code and freedom from long travelling hours, amongst other benefits.

However, the option may not always be as rosy as it looks. It was after Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer decided to end the company’s work from home policies, that the entire debate on the pros and cons of working from home sparked up.

A research in Psychological Science in the Public Interest found that working from home can be beneficial to employees and employers—but only in small doses. If put to practice for a prolonged period of time, working from home can have many negative effects on both professional and personal fronts.

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