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Top 10 co-working spaces in Bangalore

Bangalore is considered to be one of the best places to live in by many. Bangalore city is known for the charm, luxurious modern lifestyle. People look for luxury and comfort in every aspect of life. 

The weather of Bangalore has been a key attraction for the people. The morning is bright and sunny and the nights are cooler offering a pleasant stay. Bangalore is the top Indian city to experience high migration rate coming in not only from India but also from different countries.


The economy of Bangalore is flourishing and contributes hugely to the overall Indian tax revenue scenario.The best part about the economy of the city is that the central government invests heavily in the private sector that is growing in the IT and manufacturing industries. Moreover, Bangalore is known for its aviation domain and aerospace industry.

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How can boosting efficiency in SMEs and entrepreneurship help the economy?

 Entrepreneurship in itself is an important driver of economic growth, job creation and competitiveness. It is what leads to the creation of SMEs it becomes a major contributor to the global economy and development. SMEs have a key role in ensuring economic growth in a sustainable manner. SMEs make up more than 95% of all businesses in the whole world. They represent a path out of poverty for many people across developing countries.

What are SMEs exactly?

As there isn’t a set definition of SME that applies globally each country gets to set its own definition, and they decide to set specific limits. In the European Union, a business with less than 250 employees is considered an SME. While on the other hand in US, an SME can have a lot more, up to 1,200 employees.

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Co-working space or regular office?  Here’s your answer.

In this era of the popularity of flexible and Coworking office spaces is on the rise and continues to challenge traditional conceptions of what an office space could be and should look like.

Everyone has a different personality and no business or employee approaches their work in the same way, meaning that different office approaches are suited to different people and or companies and organisations. 

As far as the definitions go ‘Traditional Offices’ are solely yours, which means only employees of one company can use that one particular office. Each person is given a cubicle or private office. 

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What is a Virtual Office Space and how do they work?

A virtual office isn’t exactly like coworking but gives businesses a physical address and office-related services without having to sign and undertake a long lease and with it the administrative staff. In a virtual office, employees can work from anywhere but still have things like a mailing address, videoconferencing and more.

A Virtual office operates as one unit to serve customers but does not exist in a fixed location. This type of setup is really popular with startups and small businesses that want to minimize the money expenditure.

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Coworking Space, what it is and why you should choose it?

Coworking space is an open and cost effective space where people share an office and help each other with their work, talk about their problems and bounce ideas . Co-working also brings forth many new start-ups and brings forth fresh perspectives from people of different backgrounds. 

Everyone being in the same industry, having the same employers and bosses is pretty boring. Coworking also ensures that people come from all types of companies having different aspirations and different sets of tools. 

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Office Design Trends For 2016

As markets and businesses have grown, so have the offices that facilitate them. The workplaces of today carry the ethos of a new culture, one that promotes the switch away from cubicle segregation and static work hours.

Advances in technology, rise of the startup culture, and the new generation of workforce known as the millennials have all contributed to the demise of cubicles and designated offices and given birth to flexible office spaces that house standing tables, open workplaces and collaborative areas which create a sense of openness, and transparency.

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Shared Office Spaces: As modeled on Sharing Economy

The last decade saw a whirlwind of changes in consumption, due to the advent of sharing economy. Sharing economy, or collaborative economy model allows people to share resources such as services, skills and equipment with one another, thereby reducing the cost marginally.

Globally, the sharing economy is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 139.4%, and according to industry estimates, it will swell to around $26 Billion in the coming years.

What’s up with share?

This new trend has changed the way businesses have operated traditionally across all industries. Whether it is renting a cab, a room or any other product/service, the consumption and supply have both evolved.

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Quick tips to make your Corporate Travel easier

Businesses aren’t just built on sky high buildings and internet connections, but a crucial part of their progress is established through travels. A large section of executives across all firms are engaging in frequent corporate travel meets across the globe.

A global Corporate Travel Survey by Ascend revealed that in 2012, 92% of executives engaged in at least 1 short distance trip for corporate purposes and 87% engaged in long-distance travel as well. The trend was also observed in the preceding year of 2011. Travizon furthered the exploration with their own global Business travel survey in 2015, revealing that many travelers face discomfort of varying levels during their travels and wished for better systems.

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Choosing the Right Office for your Business

For any business, the importance of a good office can not be undermined. An office is almost a prerequisite, no matter what stage or industry one’s business may be in. Certainly an efficient team plays a crucial part in the success of a business, but to attract and retain the best workforce too, a good working space is a must.

Hence, no points for guessing that organizations are increasingly working towards improving their workplaces for talent acquisition, and better team productivity.

Andy Bugg, Head of Workplace Consultancy at Knight Frank notes, We are seeing firms take a long term view on investment in their office space in order to meet the expectations of the newest generation of employees.  More and more, the perception of the office as a business expense is shifting as firms see the value in leveraging office space as a tool to inspire and energise their staff.

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The Economics behind the proliferating Sharing Economy Trends

Sharing economy has contributed tremendously in the formation and evolution of the global economic paradigms of the society.

Globally, the sharing economy is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of a whopping 139.4%. This explosive growth commands attention not only from the stakeholders of the economy but also from the researchers and analysts from all sectors.

Before dwelling deeper into the trend and future of sharing economy, it is important to step back and take stock of the sharing economy stack up.

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