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Must-follow Covid Precautionary Measures for Coworking Occupants

The entire world is facing the adverse effects of COVID-19. While most of us have spent over two months in quarantine, we all are looking forward to the end of lockdown soon.

Lockdown 4.0 came with a little more relaxation, and some of us resumed work from the office. As more and more individuals get ready to go to the offices, it’s essential to take key measures to protect ourselves, our families, and the society at large.

InstaOffice has taken all necessary measures within it’s office spaces and continuously working with the Industry partners for adopting the necessary steps to fight the pandemic.

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How to Resume Your Startup After Lockdown 4.0

Once the lockdown is lifted and normalcy returns, many startups will have to examine how they will work. They should pay serious consideration to rent an office in a coworking space because such an office is virtually immune to the impact of a pandemic induced lockdown.

The current lockdown is not the last; there will be others in the future. Startups have to take this fact into account- in the future, their business may be adversely affected by lockdowns.

Importantly, COVID-19- in addition to costing precious lives is creating behavioral changes that will have a lasting effect. Social distancing measures will likely be followed for months.

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5 Ways Coworking Can Fix Post COVID-19 Lockdown Economy

Nowadays the circumstances are notably difficult at every instance. There is uncertainty everywhere. The measure of disruption the COVID-19 lockdown has brought to the Indian economy has made the current and future scenario very tough to deal with. During the COVID-19 lockdown, an estimated 14 crore (140 million) people have lost employment.

On 12 April 2020, a World Bank report focusing on South Asia said that India’s economy is expected to grow 1.5% to 2.8% for FY21. This will be the lowest growth for India in 30 years. The World Bank report said that the pandemic has “magnified pre-existing risks to India’s economic outlook”.

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Some of your favourite brands are built at InstaOffice Coworking! Here’s why you should too

Discover how the right coworking space can help you save precious company resources and reduce expenses significantly. How brands did that with InstaOffice Coworking.

Smart organisations these days need to be agile at their core. In these times of accelerated growth and expansion, it’s not very wise to tie up precious company resources in providing a smart, productivity-focused workplace for your hardworking employees.

Plus, dynamic marketplace demands may mean that you want to be able to work out of different cities without having to set up an office at each place separately. These are the real costs in establishing a successful company and can have a strong (adverse) impact on company resources, which is why Instaoffice Coworking attracts smart big brands for delivering branded real estate solutions.

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How to Design CoWorking Spaces that Inspire Workers

Coworking spaces are in demand like never before.  It is a competitive market and contrary to the early adopters of co-working, those choosing to work out of co-working spaces today aren’t looking merely to rent affordable office space or to break away from the rigid ways of the traditional office. Users are flocking to these spaces seeking autonomy in their work, flexibility and customisation in their work environment, a vibrant community of co-workers and opportunities for exchange and collaboration. Whether they hire meeting rooms in Bangalore or desk space in Gurgaon, users are asking a hassle-free experience that does not disrupt their work flow. They are looking towards co-working to help them step up their careers, support their growth aspirations, set them free to experiment with new ideas and establish new businesses.

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So you hate your job? Your 8 Step Guide to Getting Back On Track

So you hate your job.  You have to push yourself to get to work everyday. Hour after hour, you wait for the day to end, for any opportunity to stop working. You miss your deadlines. You feel cut off from your colleagues. You don’t know if you can talk to your boss. There seems to be no one to turn to for help. You feel like you are wasting your time. Your confidence is dwindling. Sometimes, you feel cheated by your organisation, your team, your manager. At other times, you feel like you are cheating all of them by drawing a pay cheque for no real work done. You feel uncredited for your contribution, thwarted in your ability to shine. The unhappiness from work spills over into your personal life. You can neither focus on work nor play. Every now and again, you find yourself browsing job postings on employment forums or adventure getaways and yoga retreats. Anything to get you out of the rut. But where do you begin?

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5 Ways of Making Your CoWorking Space Stand Out

1) Stand for something. Make it known.

A remarkable idea is one that draws from strong belief, establishes rationale and translates to action. If your mission is vague and inarticulate, it will be forgettable.

Ask yourself why you are in the business of coworking spaces. Do you want to make the office a happy place that people are happy to return to? Do you believe coworking plays a role in leveling the playing field for all sexes? Are you targeting a space that takes away the stresses of urban life and sets people free to achieve their potential? So that the modern professional doesn’t lose touch with the rhythms of nature, do you envision a space where the outdoors intermingle with the indoors?

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             In retrospect of our independence –   We Matter

In the India of 1947, in the dusk of celebratory days, what did our predecessors see before themselves? Amidst the joy and the strife, the dawn of an era of nation building. Men and women of all ages, within their own realms of power, saw that they were at a cusp of history where they could be the architects of their own nation. No matter the arduous road ahead, the possibilities were immense and lay open to be ceased.

      It is the 16th of August 2018. The 72nd anniversary of our independence has passed. And aren’t we bearers of the same power and responsibility for nation building as  our predecessors in 1947? They wanted peace and prosperity, opportunity and equality. Do we want any different? Surely our responsibility must be no lesser than the generation that fought for our freedom. If at all, it must be more. Soon after Independence, it must have been easy to never let nation building out of sight. Today it is probably easier to forget that whether we know it or not each one of us is an actor in the life of our country.

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We Have an Author Amongst Us!

“A day comes when the story inside you wants to breathe on its own, that’s when you start writing!”

InstaOffice has no dearth of creative minds at its co-working spaces. Entrepreneurs, web developers, investment advisors, wedding planners, recruitment specialists, real estate consultants – you name it, and we have it. InstaOffice is happy to announce that one of its members, Shobhika Puri, has recently published a book.

Shobhika’s book is titled, “My Papa’s Untimely Death.” It is about her journey after her father’s death. It is a memoir and a self-help book that aims to help one deal with the loss of a loved one. It also aims to help one deal with others who may be going through such a trauma. Shobhika says, “I would recommend the book to all daughters and sons across the world who love their parents.”

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Your Favourite Tea At Your Workspace

When working in a workplace, taking care of employees’ wellbeing is one important aspect that needs to be taken care of. There is no doubt in the fact that today’s working environment is very challenging and employees are expected to perform in a significant manner. Too much stress, fear of deadlines, anxiety are common things to deal with. However, a good workplace can do wonders for the employees as well as the organization they are working for. There’s a very good saying, “Don’t die for five days to live for two days”. Therefore, the environment of our workplace should be such that it motivates the employees to show up every day rather than waiting for the weekend.

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Work & Travel Made Smarter and Simpler With Uber!

InstaOffice & Uber have joined hands in an effort to make work & travel smarter and simpler. Are you an entrepreneur or a freelancer looking for an organized workspace? Do you want to book an office space to meets your work-related needs? Do you want to save time and money while you are at it?