Aditi Mohata

Mobigraph XPRESSO – The Next Revolution in Digital Communication

Digital communication is growing and how! Despite the dependency on digital communication for personal as well as professional uses, it has been limited to texts, punctuations, pictures, and static smileys. These are the numbered ways in which you can try to give meaning and expression to the messages you send across. To make digital communication more interactive and expressive, Mobigraph XPRESSO has entered the market.

A Guide to Breathing Easy

Did it hurt? The smoke, the dust – forcing its way down your throat in process of the necessity we call “breathing”. No? Then I invite you to imagine taking a drive with the windows rolled down – just like in the movies. Imagine, and then ask yourself if isn’t borderline self-destruction today. Did it hurt now? This calls for a desperate need to a guide to breathing easy.