Offices that Foster Creativity, Efficiency and Collaboration

39% of employees surveyed in a recent study felt that people within their organizations did not collaborate enough, while 86% of executives and employees “cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures.”

While these statistics shed light on a need for more collaborative and creative offices, they have also led to one side learning from the other.

Large corporations like Google, Facebook and Virgin America have embraced this need and their office space reflects their ethos.

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It’s Important to Align Office Space and Office Culture

Office space and office culture, when deeply intertwined, can immensely affect employee attitude towards their company.

A 2014 study entitled ‘The relative benefits of green vs lean office space’ found that while the minimalist look might be the height of fashion, it was making most employees feel pretty low. Just adding some small personalized elements can hugely improve morale and productivity.

There was a time when a cubicle represented not drudgery and sameness, but freedom and individuality. As a reaction to this office environment, Herman Miller originated the first panel-based office plan, then called the “Action Office.” Designers Robert Probst and George Nelson intended the Action Office to be a space where efficiency and productivity could reign, without trampling the needs of the individual.

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IO Dutching the Patriarchy

International Women’s day is celebrated all around the world as a sign for women still working towards gender equality. At InstaOffice, we bring together people from different walks of life and enhance their experience of coworking. The best way to network and collaborate at a coworking space are through their events and  InstaOffice, as the happiest coworking space, couldn’t wait for a better occasion to call upon 5 brilliant women who dared to have a dream and fight against all odds to achieve them.

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InstaOffice Power Couple

Who said Valentine’s Day needs to be all mushy and lovey dovey?

Keeping in mind the “single” population, Instaoffice decided to hold an event giving people real #CoupleGoals.

The characters of these fairy tales include RahulPallavi and Vinayak-Archana

InstaOffice - 3               InstaOffice - 5 (1)

The fact that Pallavi came to Mumbai when she first met Rahul sparked an interesting conversation on how Mumbai has been seen as a city. From Pallavi having described it once as “thakela” to Mumbai’s neutrality and freedom being one of the things Vinayak and Archana love, it was fun to see them embrace both sides of the coin.

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Creative Destruction – Coworking

“New lifestyles prevail once we have replaced or “destroyed” the old ways of doing things.”

This is what we call Creative Destruction. On 10th September, 2016, Vikas Lakhani (Founder, InstaOffice) took the stage at the Coworking India Conference 2016 to shed more light upon how there could have never been a better time for Coworking to creatively destruct the Real estate Industry by creating value for both landlords and tenants.

Coworking India was the first event ever organised in India featuring the rise of Coworking, bringing together coworking spaces, tech hubs, incubators and business centers,  community builders, and others interested in the social workspace. It was hosted by The American Center in Delhi.

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InstaOffice Startup Pitch Grind

What a beginning for InstaOffice in Bengaluru! InstaOffice just launched 2 centres in Bengaluru in the heart of the city – Indiranagar, and to announce our arrival we called over industry experts and senior entrepreneurs to take part in our Startup Roast. In fact, with the current discussions of agreements and disagreements between founders and investors, we decided to let the startup world get a sneak-peek into what really happens during a board room discussion.

To say that we had an overwhelming response from the community would be underwhelming. The InstaOffice Pitch Roast was attended by more than 200 people including industry experts, senior entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts in the startup ecosystem. Yes – you read it right!

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Startup Panel Discussion With Columbia Business School

It is always an amazing feeling when we open our space to leading founders and entrepreneurs for an insightful discussion. Yesterday was one such day when we hosted Columbia Business School for a Panel Discussion. The Panel consisted of Jainesh Sinha (Co-founder, GyanDhan), Mudit Goel (Co-founder, Groots), Raghav Verma (Founder, Chaayos), and Vikas Lakhani (Co-Founder, InstaOffice). 

With anything in India usually starting 10-20 minutes late, it was a pleasant surprise when all our guests showed up 15 minutes early! The students had a fun networking session over tea and cookies before they settled for the session.

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The best videos done by startups

It is always difficult for a start-up to decide upon the right marketing strategy that would achieve the maximum traction. In today’s scenario where your target audience is tech savvy and heavy social media users, you needs more than just the perfect landing page. You need a video that explains your start-up and your goods and services. It is not just a good marketing tactic but also a great way to receive feedback.

You can use a video to talk about your venture, your offerings and also to answer any question the users might have. A good promo video can do wonders for your business if it reaches the right people. Focus on what you want to deliver in your video and work in that one direction itself.  Learning from the successful start-ups is crucial. Here are some start-ups that were able to create powerful promo videos:

Dollar Shave Club 

The video stars the founder of the start-up, Michael Dubin, himself. It captures the audience’s attention through its comedy while also talking about the value proposition of their product and service and also the advantage that Dollar Shave Club has over other competitive products. The audience gets a clear image of what they’ll receive and also a laugh along with it.


ZenCash explains it all through its demo video. The video was designed by Demo Duck and sports a unique hand-sketched design and pattern throughout. It begins with the pain points of running a business and goes on to explain how ZenCash works towards making zash receivable transactions simpler because, running a business shouldn’t include running down customers who don’t pay”. The design of the video is such that viewers are easily attracted. 75% of the visitors clicked play and watched a majority of the video which was well above the average.


Spotify hits it spot on with their video. The start-up is all about music and so is their explainer video. The video grabs one’s attention right from the beginning with its engaging music and animation. They hit upon all the key features and also the competitive advantage they have of being a free service. Spotify is able to establish it’s mastery over the music industry by telling the viewers how music was meant to be consumed in the first place and how Spotify is now going to offer that.


Groupon understood its audience and customers and hence made a thorough explainer video. Groupon can be difficult to use for some who are not very technically savvy so they created an animated video displaying how to go about using the service. The video is short and simple and demonstrates how easy it is to use for everyone. Along with that they are also able to re-iterate their brand promise: We’d rather have a happy customer, than an unhappy customer’s money. At the end they also add their customer helpline number. This is a perfect example of a helper video.


Airbnb is one company that has been able to create a good number of creative videos as commercials and also otherwise. They ran a campaign through twitter and vine which turned out to be a creative genius. This video has been created in the form of a short story about travel, adventure and finding your place in the world. Airbnb users from across the world were asked to submit scripted 6 second vine videos via twitter which were then combined to make the commercial, entitled Hollywood and Vine’.

Coworking spaces in Bangalore

Panorama 9’s IT-MAN 

The cloud-based service provider Panorama 9 created a character, the IT-MAN, for introducing themselves to customers. The video is created in the form of a video game where the hero is IT-MAN whose job is to cross hurdles and solve all IT related issues in an organisation while also slaying dragons, Russian spam bots and still maintaining his energy level. The magic power-up is none other than Panorama 9. The video is such that anyone who has watched it would be able to recall it. It is certainly one of the best start-up videos out there.


PadMapper is again a great example of how humour can easily engage people. The video takes on a casual and humorous tone and starts by talking about the need of looking for an apartment. It then goes on to talk about the various offerings on PadMapper and all its features while infusing every sentence with funny undertones. The tagline itself, making apartment hunting suck less” makes one laugh and is not easy to forget. Going through this list would definitely give you a sense of direction as to what form of a video you want to make. The common thing among all these videos is that they found the creative element that helped them stand out against their competitors. They were different and did not belong to the herd of videos out there. One has to understand that not all videos can go viral. To make your video go viral it needs to be creative, unique and appealing to the audience. =&6=&

How to keep your employees happy and stop them from leaving

Booming startups and their need to attract the best talent have strengthened the perception of money not being the sole source of employee satisfaction. Rather, it’s the little things the company does which add value to it!

Companies are increasingly becoming people-centric and the adoption of employee platforms is on the rise. Only some minor adjustments can easily achieve the happiness of a company. It is always beneficial for the founder to define the organisation’s work culture pre-emptively so that they don’t have to face future tussles within the system.

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Startup Europe India Visit Startup meetup at our coworking space

Startup Europe India Network (SEU-IN), a tech-corridor connecting the European & Indian digital markets, organized an European tech ecosystem delegation to visit the Delhi/NCR and Bengaluru startup hubs 17-20 October 2016.
As a part of SEU-IN’s Visit Startup India Journey, we held a pitching and networking session on 17th October at our Coworking space in Sector-32, Gurgaon.

We being passionate about building happy offices, is also very enthusiastic about connecting the great community we have on board. As an attempt to this, We recently partnered with Startup Europe Network to bring together startups and investors both from the European and the Indian ecosystem, especially in the field of IoT, Data Analytics, Smart cities and Artifical Intelligence.

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Diwali celebrations at our centres

As the festive season draws near, it sweeps everyone in the wave of happiness and we at InstaOffice found yet another reason to celebrate. This Diwali, we took advantage of the festivities and did something of our own to celebrate Diwali with the family we have in our spaces. While the sight of lamps and flowers greeted you at the door, it were the ethnic dresses that were the real eye catcher. Not just the dress code, but there was a lot more up the team’s sleeves.

The pop

With balloons everywhere, the team began the celebrations with a balloon activity. The *pop* of the balloon was to be followed by an introduction of the person along with their best/craziest Diwali memory.

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Do’s and don’t for a coworker

With a rapid rise in cost effective and user friendly Coworking spaces, office goers are increasingly drawn to coworking in place of traditional offices. Coworking spaces come with a palette of economical benefits that are further enhanced with innovative value-adds offered by community and networking — Read more about how Coworking can be for you, here

But even the brightest of spaces can loose their gleam for some if the next-desk neighbor isn’t the cooperative kind. The secret to a happy coworking experience doesn’t just lie with the host, but is equally contributed to by the members. There is a silent set of rules, the unsaid do’s and don’ts that make the Coworking dream/deal every bit as juicy as it was intended to be.

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Darwin’s Theory of Startups

InstaOffice Member stories is a series of stories that we publish about our members, sitting out of our spaces. You can read all of them here

While we are all familiar with the Darwin’s theory and its implications, there is one company that has transformed this theory into a victory mantra for them. Darwin Labs, is a Gurgaon based Startup Studio by founders: Ayush Varshney, Nikunj Jain and Sahil Baghla that believes in building successful startups that are profitable.

The way they go about it – Identify opportunities, build the Co-founding teams and create profitable startups.
Onboarding Darwin - InsaOffice Coworking Space Golf Course road

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The story of Innerwave and their 100% organic growth

You have the funds, the product and the demand is looking up. It is all planned and set yet there is something you can’t quite figure out – How do you get the best out of your money? Sure your idea maybe the next big thing but its careful implementation is crucial to channelize all your resources profitably. The market can be an unforgiving predator when it comes to Startups and SMEs (Know whats giving Startups & SMEs a tough time,

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Knowing the other side of Mahatma Gandhi

The Mahatma and the Poet

Between 1915 and 1941, Mahatma Gandhi — who was assassinated on January 30, 1948 — exchanged a series of letters with Indian poet, philosopher, and celebrated creative spirit Rabindranath Tagore, debating such subjects as truth, freedom, democracy, courage, education, and the future of humanity as India struggled for its independence.

Independence Day

[I feel] compelled to utter a truism in asserting that physical catastrophes have their inevitable and exclusive origin in certain combination of physical facts. … We, who are immensely grateful to Mahatmaji for inducing, by his wonder working inspiration, freedom from fear and feebleness in the minds of his countrymen, feel profoundly hurt when any words from his mouth may emphasize the elements of unreason in those very minds — unreason, which is a fundamental source of all the blind powers that drive us against freedom and self-respect.

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Foolish – Rewriting the history of advertising

Advertising isn’t what it once used to be. Year on year of technical correctness and client appeasing strategies have faded out its vibrant, free spirit. At a time when advertising desperately needs trouble makers and monotony haters, one company is making some serious noise. Previously known as Adept Media, Foolish, a member at InstaOffice coworking Golf course road, has fixated on a name that they find best defines their love for advertising. Founded by Vandan Chopra in 2006, then a newbie to the advertising industry, Foolish has been in the making, now for more than a decade. It’s only been christened now.

Unwind Session #3 – Women Entrepreneurs

InstaOffice’s third Unwind Session at our coworking facility in Gurgaon sector-32 was an even bigger hit than the previous two. This session was focused on Women Entrepreneurs, and featured many high-achieving women in the list of speakers, each with their own set of experiences and learning to share. The audience got a lot to mull over while interacting with each speaker in turn. The session also coincided with the launch of InstaOffice’s newest property—a lovely, beautifully lit space in Sector 32, Gurgaon.

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InstaOffice Unwind Session #2 – Q&A with startup founders

Our Unwind Sessions have really come to be all we had hoped for. Engaging member conversations, summing up the entire week’s challenges and accomplishments plus expert advice from startup idols, it really is the best way to end a workweek.

Discussions over chai

Startup founders meet - InstaOffice Unwind Sessions

Our first unwind session at our centre in Iris Tech park, Sohna Road, Gurgoan was especially memorable as it marked the beginning of a knowledge sharing network at InstaOffice. The evening was perked up by the brain-stimulating conversations with Talvinder Singh, Product Head – OYO rooms and Vartika Bansal – Experience at OYO rooms, Rahul Dalia – Founder LofferZ – Gurgaon, Jayati Agarwal – PR professional and Vivek Subramanian- Founder, ExamVictor.

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How to Deal With Your ‘Bossy’ Boss

These days, business leaders do not believe in the autocratic style of leadership anymore. With flatter organizational hierarchies, emphasis on teamwork and the growth of social media, the abuse of power by bosses is less rampant today. Managers are tweaking their leadership styles and learning to be more communicative.

However, leaders who still follow older styles of leadership do exist. Here’s how they continue to make employees miserable today, and some tips to help you deal with them.  

Not giving credit where it’s due

A common complaint is about bosses who do not give credit where it is due. They forget to acknowledge the individual who came up with the winning idea or worse, they take the credit themselves. Often, in the rush to complete a project, the acknowledgement is made too late, and by that point the employee is bitter and demoralized. There’s also the ‘fair weather boss’ who blames the employee when things go foul.

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