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by InstaOffice

At InstaOffice, a space is much more than just desks. It's an entire experience for us. That's why we call it an Happy office

High speed leased line internet with multiple wifi access points. To provide a consistent experience to all our members, we have firewalls and bandwith allocations in place with constant monitoring.
At every centre, we also ensure a fallback Internet connection in case anything goes wrong with the primary one
And in case anything still goes wrong, we always have a dedicated IT Admin on site to troubleshoot if for you
Tea & Coffee
Freshly brewed coffee and tea is available. Our pantries are also stocked with eatables and snacks
CCTV cameras with night vision, and constant monitoring of it through a central hub. Our centres also have a guard to ensure the security at our gate
If you see a guy with a SMILE written on his t-shirt, he would be our office boys. They would help you with anything you need and to keep your meeting comfortable
The basics
24x7 Electricity, water and Air conditioning.
Meeting Rooms
Our meeting rooms are comfortable and equipped for any kind of meeting you would want to have. We also have on demand Audio and Video conferencing available. More over, our Hospitality team would make sure that any meeting you have is a happy one.
Community manager
A community manager is always accessible to you in our spaces to help you with any issues you are facing, any special requirements or questions regarding your work.
Everything you and your team needs
We have a growing network of business centres and coworking spaces. Request a quote from us, and we would put together a customized plan suited for your budget, team size and time period.
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