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Office Space in Gurgaon

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Office Space in Gurgaon

Great office spaces can be hard to find in Gurgaon. Commercial real estate is expensive, and finding vendors to give you the right mix of services can be a pain. On top of that, breakdowns can completely derail your operations, as you are forced to waste valuable time troubleshooting the issue.

But all this doesn’t have to be your headache anymore. Now you can outsource all your office space requirements to us at InstaOffice. Whether you are looking for a shared workspace, or a private office for your remote team, or a meeting room to host an important client, we’ve got it all. Now you can get all the benefits of a fully functional office space with none of the worry about lock-ins, deposits or maintenance.

We already have five locations operational in Gurgaon, with more coming up soon. All you need to do is walk in, sign up and get started!

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Our offices include Private cabins, open desks and meeting rooms, suited for a single person to a large team and can be booked for a day to long term. As we have no-lock in periods or heavy deposits, we can offer the flexibility and customization you and your team needs.
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How can I organize meetings in co-working?
Organizing any kind of meeting (team meets, board-room meetings, audio or video conferencing, etc) in a co-working is completely hassle free. With our online booking tool, you can conveniently book a meeting room at a time of your choice. Additionally, drop us a line at info@InstaOffice.in and our concierge would be happy to reserve a meeting place on your behalf
What if I hire more people?
We understand the changing dynamics of businesses, hence our co-working solutions are fully scalable. At any point, should you choose to scale up or down your workforce, just let us know. We shall provide an appropriate solution for the same.
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